Sunday, July 26, 2015

Where I've Been

I haven't been very motivated to blog.
I'm constantly working or traveling and it's been pretty great :)
So... get ready for a post filled with a ton of photos! :p

I visited the Netherlands again in June and traveled to Den Haag,
where the original painting, "The Girl with the Pearl Earring" resides.
It's located at the Mauritshuis not too far from the train station.
I've been wanting to see this painting for many years. I don't know why but this
painting has always left an impression on me. I'm glad I went to see it!

The museum was quite small, but filled with paintings from Troost, Vermeer.
They had a cafe/bistro on the 3rd? floor and their menu looked quite good.
I had a glass of orange juice, a cappuccino and the open faced sandwich
with cheese, apple syrup, and mango chutney. It was pretty delicious :)
There was one day where I took the wrong train home and I ended up at Zwolle station.
Well... at least I got free non-alcoholic beer :D I was running up and down the stairs of
the station trying to look for the right platform, where people were handing out the free beer.
They probably thought I was nuts or wanted more beer.

I tried the alcoholic version and pretty much fell in love and I don't even
drink... so it's officially my favourite beer :) The alcoholic version tastes like sparkling
citrus iced tea, with beer. It only contains 2% alcohol, so that's good for me :)

I think it was the day I went to go see Nijntje (Miffy) in front of the Rijksmuseum XD
It was her 60th anniversary! :)
I tell everyone who visits the Netherlands to try the FRESH stroopwafels, not the
ones from the grocery store, because it just isn't the same :p They're delicious and probably
not very good for you. You can buy the grocery ones to bring back home though.
I also love cooking! I usually shop at Albert Heijn because it's literally located like
every block of the city =\ (probably exaggerating).
The day before I left, I went to this amazing palace in Apeldoorn. The first queen of
the Netherlands lived here. The last queen passed here. The palace is beautiful. It is
now partly a museum, filled with paintings of the family. If you want to visit, it's
called the Paleis Het Loo. It's about a 20 minute bus ride from Apeldoorn station.

Of course, there were many more places I visited in between, but that's all I'll share for now.
Then I went to Vancouver with a friend from July 8-14... to be continued! :)

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