Friday, November 18, 2016

Fall Outfit with Fashion Mia

Hello! Today will be another collaboration blog post with Fashion Mia!
I put together a warm and cosy outfit for fall and I hope you'll love it as much as me :)
I picked out this cute pink sweater, which is actually quite warm.
I love the thick cuffs at the end. It's also kind of stretchy, but it's still a knit.
It fits like a size medium.

I'm in love with the skirt! It has pockets! I didn't realize it until I tried it on.
The skirt also has a proper black lining and feels like wool. It has a good weight to it.
It's super cute and appropriate for any season.

I don't see any loose threading and both of the items feel very nice.
The sweater is actually soft and not itchy. I love the fabric!

Links: pink sweater (one size), plaid skirt (s)
Enjoy the weekend! ♡

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