Thursday, September 29, 2011

Current H&M favourites!

This is what I do when I am slacking off -.- I can't help it! :(
These are all from the H&M Canada website :)
They are also having a mid season sale!!!

Unfortunately, I won't be shopping any time soon ><
but I haven't shopped since early August? >>

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fresh picks for Fall

I receive the food magazine for free every season.
I love reading, learning, seeing what types of fruits and vegetables
are in season and what you can make with them. My favourite Fall
vegetables include: beets, potatoes, pumpkin, and squash! yum =p
As for fruits, I do like eating apples once in a while :)

What are your favourite vegetables and fruits during Fall?

I also associate mushrooms with the Fall for some reason, especially with pasta! yummy :)
I love squash ravioli with a bit of cheese! delicious!

Regarding to the previous post...
I ended up getting the white iPhone 4 anyway -.-

Monday, September 26, 2011

Battle of the phone cases!

My iPhone 3GS recently half died on me >>
meaning, I can't receive or make calls but I have wifi >>

So I'm supposed to 'upgrade' to a new phone since I have a 3 year contract
with my phone company. It was really a battle between the HTC sensation
or the Samsung galaxy s2. I have been reading reviews online and watching
various youtube videos, but ultimately... they are both pretty good and it really
depends on personal preference/what you want to do with your phone. I am
most likely going to get the Samsung galaxy s2...

why? because...
01. It's made in South Korea... and I love anything from Korea so.... >>
02. The colours are more sharp
03. The phone is physically lighter, slimmer, and more sleek looking
04. ok this doesn't relate but I am in love with Android now!

I still like the iPhone, but I haven't had much luck with Apple... in terms
of the longevity of use >> my macbook pro died before reaching 3 years old...
my iPhone 3GS half died in about a year and a half... how sad...

and those are just some of the cases I'm thinking of... it's kind of hard to find
non hard-case cases that have nice designs -.- of course... the iPhone 4 has a
ton of awesome case designs... but not as much for the Galaxy s2... yet =\

and I would never really use the Swarovski bear phone case... it's cute though =p
I love the rose, pearl, diamond case though! very elegant and pretty :) but personally
I do prefer more simple cases and they must be durable because I can be clumsy and
rough with my phone >> I've dropped my iPhone 3GS at least 3-5 times ><

and my awesome nails :D

Base: Sally Hansen Green Tea & Olive base coat
Colour: OPI 'Sparkle-licious' (2 coats)
Lining: CM Silver glitter
Design: Konad M3 stars!
Top: Konad top coat

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Current morning cleanser

I've been using the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil Free Cleanser for over 2 months now.
I wanted to use the cleanser for a while before blogging about it ><
I also received a good amount of samples, including their ultra facial
oil free lotion and their rare earth daily lotion. I like both but prefer the
rare earth daily lotion for days I am at home because it doesn't work well
as a base under makeup >< makes my face look cakey and dry =\

The Ultra Facial Oil Free Cleanser is very gentle and you only need a pea
sized amount for it to cover the face. It lathers up really nicely... it foams
up slightly but there is a slight creamy feeling... it leaves the skin soft :)
I'm really liking this cleanser because of how simple it is... it's just... simple lol

and my nails look like this... this week :)

Base: Sally Hansen Green Tea & Olive base coat
Colour: OPI 'Totally Fort Worth It' (2 coats)
Design: Konad M20 dandelions
Top: Konad top coat

Thursday, September 15, 2011

September Glymm Box

So, this is my first and will probably be my only Glymm box... why?
because this was intended to be my random birthday surprise >>
and I really don't need anymore makeup/products than what I already
have. I don't buy things just because I like to... I either have to find a
need for it or I would have to love it, in its entirety. As most of you
know, I prefer to use natural products and I can tell that the Glymm
box does try to incorporate natural and/or organic products.

Inside the package was the actual Glymm box :)
I like the pink and the ribbon-like text/font :)

There was also a list of all the items, with more information about
each product and why they chose to add it in this month's box.
The John Masters body milk and body wash smells lovely!
I love citrus/warm scents. The scents are blood orange & vanilla!

There was also a small sample of Oscar de la Renta's perfume, Oscar.
I'm not a huge fan of fragrances, just because I don't wear any... and
I know a lot of people who do not know how to wear them ><
I personally find this scent a tad too strong for me...

They also included a croc makeup pouch :) and a small jar of jelly beans! yum
That was the 'glymm surprise' for the box, and I liked the concept :)
I think the snake print would have suited more for this season no?

and this is the shade of the lovely Vasanti blush in 'Rockies' :)
I can't wait to use this blush! and it's made in Canada :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Early Birthday Wishlist...

(manila handbag. stylemint shirt. robbin booties. siriano flats. blanc et noir blouse. rose skirt)
The 2 pairs of shoes are from Payless, but I doubt we have them in Canada :(
I saw them on the Payless US website. I believe they were on sale as well.

I have handbags similar to the one above but nothing in that colour and texture!

I am in serious need of new flats... my only pair is ripping apart and it has traveled
with me around the world! I've had them for over 5 years! ._.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sparkling waters...

I am loving light, glitter polishes! simple but very pretty :)
I've received over 3 compliments from strangers this past week already ;p

Base: Sally Hansen Green Tea & Olive base coat
Colour: OPI 'Last Friday Night'
Design: M51(thumb) & M77(ring finger)
Top: Konad top coat

KARA just came out with their new album, Step! :)
I'm not a huge fan of their music, but I'm really liking the
rhythm and beats to this song. It's fun to dance to :)

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Sally Hansen and OPI glitter polishes

I recently got new nail polishes! mostly glitter ;p what fun :)

I've been wanting to try the new Sally Hansen Green Tea & Olive base coat.
The bottle is quite cute, while the cap has a metallic finish and the bottle itself
has more of a matte finish. The polish itself is like a milky white colour. I didn't
really get it for a specific purpose, but I do hope that it will help my nails from
splitting, especially during the winter months >< and in Canada... we have really
long winter months -.- which really kind of sucks... because I don't like freezing
cold weather! My room literally becomes a freezer ._.

Yes, off topic >< I picked up 3 OPI glitter polishes :)
(Left to right: 'I Lily Love You'. 'Last Friday Night'. 'Sparkle-icious')
I used 'I Lily Love You' recently for my 'Make a Wish...' nail design post :)

Monday, September 05, 2011

Current Fall Favourites

I am loving the 'brown/beige/nude' makeup shades for the Fall! it's very romantic,elegant, and classic :)
This look is specifically from Peripera, a Korean makeup brand featuring this lovely actress :)
There is also a lovely video from miss Lisa Eldridge doing a makeup look with brown shades.

You can watch the video here:

and these are just some of the items I am liking from the Forever21 Canada website :)
I am in love with the fringe top but they don't have it in an xsmall >< and even
the small is too big (according to the measurements on the website). I love the black
ankle boots, the detail and texture of them are so lovely! and they look quite comfortable.
I put the links to each item below the photos so be sure to take a look if you're interested :)

(fringe top. patterned cardigan. black boots. baroque frame. star slippers. tan boots)

Sapphire blues

I've had a lot of outfits I wanted to post, but didn't take photos -.-

Blazer: Zara
Top: H&M
Belt: H&M (from another skirt)
Leggings: H&M

Friday, September 02, 2011

Make a Wish...

Base: Sally Hansen Green Tea & Olive Growth base coat
Colour: OPI 'I Lily Love You'
Design: M77 (feathers) & M79 (fishnet design on the tips)
Top: Konad top coat

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Saffron Rouge - Suki. Alima. ilike

Saffron Rouge is an online shopping website for everything natural and/or organic.
Remember my post about the Suki to go balancing kit? well, I really liked their products
and I'm slowly finishing up my 100% Pure Purity Hydrating Tonique, so I decided to get
the Suki Balancing Toner.

The 100% Pure Toner and Suki Balancing toner have some of the same ingredients.
Suki's toner contains rose water and algae, which I think would be a good balance for
the colder season. Suki's products are gentle but effective. I have oily to combination
skin, so my opinions will be based around my skin type. I hope I can at least help a few
of you who have the same type of skin! :)

I am currently loving their Pure Balancing Facial Moisture, which is actually a facial oil.
I have never tried using a facial oil... because the thought of putting oil onto my face already
kind of freaks me out lol =p BUT it works, it conditions the skin, makes it feel more emollient
and healthily plump! and who doesn't want that? =p

So, I've been hearing about Alima Pure for a while now and have been wanting to try out their satin
matte blushes. I bought the shade in 'Apricot' and the actual product is quite small... smaller than the
palms of my hands. Don't be fooled by the size though... this is all mineral based and is extremely
pigmented! I think I overdid it the first time using it >< a little goes a very long way... let me tell you
that =p I only had 1 blush... and yes this is literally the SECOND blush I own lol =p I do like the shade,
but I wasn't used to it at first. It grew on me though... it made me look like I had a summer glow.
I'm used to the pinky, peachy blush look so it was a different makeup look for me... overall :)

Actually in all honesty, it made me feel like a model ;p

and because I really didn't want to pay for the shipping... I picked up a mask that is supposed to help
with hyperpigmentation. It better. lol :) The product sounds good and ilike is a brand from Hungary!
I have never tried any products from Hungary before, so I decided to pick up this Apple & Lemon
gel mask :) It seriously looks like baby food... >>

and many samples to try! I thought I only picked 2 samples, but apparently they gave me 5! :)
Most of the samples are from Dr. Hauschka :) another brand I like :) originating from Germany :)

If you are familiar with natural and/or organic skin care, the prices of these items are quite affordable...
except for the Apple & Lemon gel mask from ilike >> it was expensive and I probably will not purchase
it again... but it's my birthday in 29 days, so who cares =p I want to treat myself!

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