Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Sorry for the quality of the photos >< taken with my iPhone. No way I'm carrying my DSLR to the beach on a day to have fun =p unfortunately I got sun burnt on both my legs =[ The little drawing is from Montana's... we had a small dinner there and I drew that lol

I had an outfit photo but I changed to something else last minute because it was really cold in the morning and then hot after noon >< I'll post it tomorrow anyway >< too tired and lazy now -.-

[edit] oh found a picture of me on Facebook =p lol

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Navy Pleats

I was able to wear my new navy pleated skirt because of the nice, hot weather :) with my new basic black tank top from Zara :)

tank top: Zara
skirt: H&M
belt: H&M

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Good Read

Indigo is having a buy 3 get 1 sale on all of their books and magazines until July 4th! these are just some of my picks, I read the first few pages... tiny bit of the middle to get a feel of each book. If I am not feeling for it, I don't usually buy it. All these books were on sale from $4-7 max! and I get 1 for free, hehe :) I picked out 2 non-fiction and 2 fiction :)

new H&M magazine, yay :) I love them.

I have never purchased anything from Zara before but I was looking through their basics and found this simple white tank top. It's made from a nice material and the top portion is lined and I really love that because I have been looking for a white tank top that isn't see through! I also picked up a black tank top made from the same material but with thin straps. I tried it on and really liked how it looked and fit. I don't think these were on sale but they were around $11-15 :) I think they were a good purchase and will last me for many years!

and here is my outfit for my little lonely shopping adventure >> I was mainly supposed to get something from The Body Shop, but they were sold out of what I wanted -.- so I'll go to another location tomorrow :) I also picked up a navy pleated skirt at H&M on sale for $10 :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Green Delicious

nom nom nom, who doesn't love fresh crisp apples!? :)

Base: Cuccio Natural base coat
White tip: Scotch Naturals in 'Highland Mist'
Glitter on tip: OPI 'Happy Anniversary'
Design: M55
Glitter lining: CM silver glitter
Top: Konad top coat

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I love it... but why!?

I was at Shoppers earlier to pick up a mosquito repellent and I went into the makeup section of the store... which I really shouldn't have in the first place -.-

I saw this trio eyeshadow by Annabelle and fell in love. Then I read the ingredients and it was made with a bunch of unnecessary amount of junk and chemicals that is not good for the skin. I LOVE the shades (trio called 'Blue Hue') and I was going to purchase it, but I just put it back ><

Then I noticed the Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks on sale for $5.99! and I fell in love with the shade 'Prim Rose' and from their Moondrops line, 'Persian Melon' and 'Blase Apricot' <3 I didn't buy them though... even though I think I should have... I really have until tomorrow to decide >< sale ends tomorrow!

Sometimes I ask myself, I'm only living for a period of time... and these products have been around for so many years. Am I really overreacting about the ingredients? should I just buy what I like in store without really caring how they are made or what they are made out of?

But by not buying these products, am I really making a difference? because in my mind, I believe that if we don't support these products, we are making a difference and trying to be aware of what we are potentially doing to the environment.

Lavender Purple

I think my outfit posts are just going to be random from now on lol

Top: H&M
Bracelet: significant other

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Art Glass Jewelry

These photos are from an Etsy seller named, CSMARTGLASS. They have beautiful glass jewelry! I think these will be amazing for Fall and Winter <3

Check them out here :)
I'm not affiliated with them but I think some of you will like their stuff, because I love them :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

A little cut out

Stockings: Ardene
Bracelet: significant other

Sunday, June 19, 2011

H&M Fall 2011 loves

I'm craving for fall! I am loving all these items from H&M =p just not too excited for school though -.- at least my birthday is in the Fall :)

I will be doing a nail design inspired by one of these items in the future!!! look out for it =p hopefully it turns out well :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Jackson Pollock effect

Base: Cuccio Natural base coat
Colour: Priti Polish 'Ruffled Velvet Iris'
Design: Konad M70
Top: Konad top coat

I knew I had forgot to include something >> the Konad image plate... -.-

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yellow baby pearls

Should have done the design in black >> next time =]

Base: Cuccio Natural base coat
Colour: China Glaze "Something Sweet"
Design: Konad M63
Pearls: eBay =] yellow 1.5mm half pearls
Top: Konad top coat

I guess I should start posting where my clothes are from? yes, no? ja, nee?
Cardigan: Fairweather
Leather/denim jeans:

Friday, June 10, 2011

100% Pure makeup & Orgnx!

I recently had to order a new toner and I have been wanting to try their concealer and foundation for a while now. The powder wasn't necessary but I didn't want to pay for shipping so might as well get something I would like to try in the future as well. I'm really glad I did... the foundation and powder is AMAZING for OILY SKIN! =p

My shade is in White Peach (2nd lightest shade they have).

Healthy Skin Foundation (Full Coverage-Satin Finish) SPF 20
I'm not sure if this is full coverage... maybe medium to full because you can kind of build it but it does cover pretty well, evens out the skin tone (I only use a tiny tiny amount so I can't say much for the coverage). The one problem with this foundation is that it dries super quick once you start spreading it onto your face... I use my fingers and I literally have to drag some of the foundation on my face for it to spread. Otherwise I think it's fantastic and would definitely repurchase again because I'm surprised at how well it controls the oil on my face! =]

Nourishing Concealer SPF 20
Okay, I don't think this concealer is nourishing... it's alright >< it kind of sucks as an under eye concealer. People with dry skin should not use this because I have combination/oily skin and I find this drying... >> it doesn't work well with covering acne because it flakes. I like to use this after the foundation to just cover post acne marks. I wouldn't buy this concealer again ><

Foundation Powder SPF 20
I am really liking this powder, it controls oil extremely well and helps to even out the skin tone. This is kind of similar to my PUR Minerals 4 in 1 pressed powder but works MUCH better at controlling oil.

I put on my makeup around 10:30 this morning and I haven't had to touch up for 7 hours. My face is starting to look a tiny bit dewy now but it doesn't look greasy. I usually have to blot my face after coming home from a small errand ex. going to the bank, but I didn't have to do that at all today because my face just looked great =]

I went to Shoppers to pick up a new dry shampoo because I'm running out of my Batiste =] I picked up the Orgnx Hair Reviver (made in Canada!!! =p) and was on sale for $8.49 (save $2) =] I haven't tried this out yet. It's not a powder but a liquid spray that works similar to a dry shampoo. It contains brown rice and moringa (plant) and is also natural. PLUS, a tree is planted with every purchase <3 smells nice too =] a bit too strong for my nose but that's because I took a sniff out of the bottle itself >>

Thursday, June 09, 2011

H&M Summer Love

I picked these lovely items from the H&M(Netherlands) Online store =]

I hope we have the seashell lipgloss!!! it's so adorable. I just want the packaging lol I know Canada has the white/cream dress and pink tank top. I love the pink tank top... just hope it looks as good in person =]

100% Pure Purity Hydrating Tonique

Unfortunately the cap broke in the mail >< I really like the bottle, very simple and elegant. I decided to give this toner a try because I'm almost done with my Naruko Niaouli & Tea Tree toner.

One MAJOR problem for me with this hydrating tonique is the smell!!! =[ I can't really stand it... I don't like the scent at all. I'm hoping that the toner will work for me >< I'll start using it tonight and let you guys know after the weekend! I have a feeling I won't repurchase because of the smell ><

"PURITY COLLECTION is formulated specifically to give you a clear complexion and to protect against future breakouts. This hydrating facial toner delivers hydration to skin cells while fighting against blemishes. Skin hydrating facial toner uses hyaluronic acid which acts as a delivery system to deliver hydrating organic lavender hydrosol and organic aloe to thirsty skin cells. Whereas moisturization delivers oil to the skin, hydration delivers water. 100% Natural facial toner is an instant drink of water for your skin, made entirely of highly nourishing, skin beneficial nutrients to make your skin more healthy and instantly hydrated." - 100% Pure

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


I saw the trailer for this movie last year and was really looking forward to it =] This is a modern take on Beauty and the Beast. I really enjoyed the movie and I think Alex's character is not the least bit ugly. Vanessa and Alex did a pretty good job in this movie and I loved the way they looked at each other in all of those romantic scenes =p

I must say Alex Pettyfer has beautiful eyes and I thought he was extremely handsome with everything going on his face and body. Although I think they kind of chose him on purpose because he is just gorgeous lol

Just click on the image if you would like to watch the movie =]

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Cocoa and Studs

I love this top from! =] pretty good weather this week =]

Friday, June 03, 2011

A walk in the park

Had a lovely breakfast/lunch at Cora's with a friend this morning and then we stopped by the park for a short adventurous walk =p

Got bitten 3 5 times on my right leg by mosquitoes -.- and excuse the veins on my hand/arm ><

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Sunset sail

Base: Cuccio Natural base coat
Colour: China Glaze 'Sunset Sail'
Design: Konad M63
Top: Konad top coat

I love this shade of pinky nude!!!
I think this is my favourite go to nail colour lol

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Tiger. roar.

Another casual outfit for school =]

Clients from hell

My new favourite website lol =p click here

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