Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Base: Essie Grow Stronger base coat
Colours: OPI 'Don't Talk Bach to Me' (lime green), Essie 'Good as Gold' (gold)
Designs: Konad Image Plate M60
Silver Glitter: CM Silver Glitter
Top: Konad top coat

Thank you for visiting my blog!
I hope to bring more natural beauty/skincare reviews in the new year!
Stay safe and try to eat healthy over the holidays :p

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Firmoo Glasses o.o

I was contacted my Firmoo to review a pair of their prescription glasses.
I think barely anyone I know in the virtual world, know that I have trouble
seeing at a distance :( My eyesight isn't horrible... you'll just seem a bit
blurry to me from 5 metres away >> so I wear glasses for driving and for
school, when I need to see presentations at a distance.

Firmoo ships to most parts of the world and you can also get your first pair FREE!
Who wouldn't like free glasses? you do have to pay for the shipping though, but
still... sounds pretty good to me. I remember having to pay quite a bit for glasses
when I was younger, even though some of it was covered by my parent's insurance.
Since I am older now, I don't really get much benefits :(

If you know anyone who needs a pair or likes to have a variety of styles, then this
would make a very nice gift as well. They have a variety of styles to choose from
on their website. You can also upload a photo of yourself to see what they might
look like on you before ordering :)

I've always had the typical rectangular framed eye glasses, so I wanted something
different and a bit 'fashionable' at the same time :p

You can view the glasses I bought here :) They're only $8!
They are super lightweight and sturdy, much lighter than
the ones I have used in the past. I know it's because of the
materials, but I was surprised at how light these glasses were.
They also came with a pouch and a hard case.

BONUS POINTS for actually sitting on my nose! lol :p
I've always had trouble with glasses falling down, especially
the ones that don't have the nose pads, so yay :) Well, not that
these don't ever slide down, but they sit nicely when I'm still.

Sorry for this awkward photo, but I genuinely dislike how I look with glasses on lol

Sunday, December 09, 2012

twinkle twinkle little star

Base: Essie Grow Stronger base coat
Colour: Nubar 'Verde'
Design: Konad Image Plate M84 (stars), M62 (pearl line)
Top: Konad top coat

Oh my goodness, I will be blogging more often after Wednesday, yay! :)
I did this nail design last week :p hope you guys like it :)
I feel like doing some videos for swatches/reviews, so who knows...
you may see a video in the future some time :)

Hope you're all having a lovely holiday!
My holiday officially starts after Wednesday! :)

Current favourite music video!
Hi Ni's 'Legend of Tears'

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Silk Naturals sneak peek

Base: Essie Grow Stronger base coat
Colour: Nubar 'Midnight Glory'
Design: Konad Image Plate M72
Glitter: China Glaze 'Techno'
Top: Konad top coat

A sneak peek of some of the things I purchased from Silk Naturals! :p
I will do a post later, because I will be quite busy for the next two weeks >< :(

and two songs I am liking this month :)
Urban Zakapa's '내게 다시' (Me Again)
JYP, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, and Suzy 'Classic'
Start at 31 seconds if you want to hear the music right away >>

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dental Health?

Base: Essie Grow Stronger base coat
Colours: OPI 'Tickle My France-y' (ring finger), OPI 'Glamour Game'
Designs: Konad Image Plate M44 (black tips), M86 (white tip), M85 (small star)
Glitter: China Glaze 'Techno'
Top: Konad top coat

I've been taking some vitamins, mainly for my teeth. Ever since I started drinking less
milk, I'm not getting much of vitamin D. My teeth aren't the healthiest and I notice spots
that may indicate my lack of a certain vitamin/nutrient. I decided to try taking vitamins :p
Instead of buying pills, I wanted something I would enjoy taking lol :p The chocolate one
is actually pretty tasty :) I've been taking them for a bit over 3 months now... not sure if I
can really tell the difference, but I'll be finishing these nonetheless.

I keep this extra little tin with my vitamins in my handbag :p

Monday, November 05, 2012

derma e, Mad Hippie, Thayers

Yay! I finally received my order, after 2 weeks ><
I ran out of my toner and night time serum, so I am very relieved now :p
I'll be doing a review on the glycolic cleanser and the vitamin c serum,
after about 2 months of using them :) I am excited to try these 2 products!
The Thayers rose petal witch hazel toner is now my go-to :)

I also have a personal code where you can save $10 when you spend $40+
on your first order! or $5 off any orders under $40 :p
code: IJI628

They also gave me some little extras:

Just a short little post to share my excitement and the products I purchased :p

Nubar's Caramello

Base: Essie Grow Stronger base coat
Colour: Nubar 'Caramello' (applies like a dream and dries very quickly!!!)
Design: (top) Konad Image plate M79, (below) M57
White Stripe: Konad Image Plate M44
Top: Konad Top Coat

Caramello looks different paired with a lighter design on top:
I prefer the shade of Caramello above :) that rich light caramel shade! :)

Here is my update on some of the Zipia items I am planning to get :)

I made my first order from Silk Naturals yesterday,
so I'm very excited to show you guys what I picked out! :D
I bought a bunch of blush samples and 2 amplified lip glazes! :p

AND I have a question for those of you who order from!
How long does shipping usually take for you?

AND today is the celebration of BoA's 26th birthday!!!
Happy Birthday BoA! I have been a fan since 2002!
'Game' is one of my favourite music videos from her :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Base: Essie Grow Stronger base coat
Colour: OPI 'Pirouette My Whistle"
Design: Konad Image Plate M57
Design Colours: Konad Special Polish in white, pink, orange
Top: Konad Top Coat

Well... this is going to be a pretty lame Halloween post >>
I was going to do my nails (Halloween themed of course), but I am not going to make an excuse :p
I'm just not feeling Halloween this year for some reason, not that I ever really have after the age
of 12/15. I think I've only been to a Halloween party once or twice >< I don't dislike Halloween...
not at all, I guess I just don't have enough friends who really celebrate it ><

But I honestly would like to go to a nice Halloween party, where I could dress up and eat
Halloween inspired foods, and watch a not so scary movie :p but still Halloween related >>
If I had my own place, I would definitely go all out and decorate the exterior of my house :p
I remember decorating my Barbie house when it was Halloween when I was younger, haha

My family doesn't do much, we still hand out candy, except this year... my mom decided to
leave some candy out by the door... which kind of defeats the purpose of Halloween ><

I have 2 reviews coming up! I'll be doing a review on the Suki Pure Balancing Day Lotion :)

Here's a cute one for you :p

Monday, October 22, 2012

Yay for free pens :p

Base: Essie Grow Stronger base coat
Colour: Nubar 'Twilight kiss'
Designs: M79 (polka-dots) and M3 (bow)
Glitter: CM diamond glitter
Top: Konad top coat

I was working at a Women's Show the past weekend and was able to pick up some free pens :p
I think Paper Mate is trying to reinvent themselves >> and yay for the unexpected orange pen :)

Monday, October 08, 2012

Giambattista Valli inspired nails

Base: Essie Grow Stronger base coat
Colour: Nubar 'Unpredictabe Taupe'
Designs: Konad Image plate M75 (3 designs)
Glitter: CM Lime Gltter
Top: Konad top coat

Just wanted to share some bits and pieces from the past week or so :p
and a lovely watch Ric gave me for my birthday <3 am="am" i="i" it="it" p="p" picky="picky" super="super" when="when">comes to watches, they have to have a thin band, so kudos to him for 'accidentally'
finding one :p I really like it :D my old one was coming apart :(
(do you guys see the messed up coding above? ^ I can't fix it)

I bought these cute earrings from eBay (seller rubyruby76)
The 'kiss' piece goes under the earlobe so it looks like it's sitting under the earlobe by itself :p

and yay for the new H&M magazine :)

Monday, October 01, 2012

one year older

So, it was my birthday yesterday :D
I went shopping with one of my close friends and found some good deals :p
Tops (left to right):
- Old Navy
- H&M
- Suzy Shier
 They were all in the sale section :)

I also picked up a few pairs of earrings from Forever21... I just couldn't put
them down because they're too pretty >< especially the 2nd pair below <3>

I also picked up 2 mini candles from Bath & Body Works.
I bought the new Autumn and Autumn Day candle.
I like the Autumn Day candle more... I should have gotten a pumpkin
scented candle instead of the Autumn one. I still like it though, but I
guess I should have went with something a bit different in terms of scents :p

Base: Essie Grow Stronger base coat
Colour: Nubar 'Purple Rain Glitter'
Design: Konad Image Plate M63
Glitter: OPI 'Pirouette My Whistle'
Top: Konad top coat

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hollace Cluny / Furniture Design

I recently visited a lovely interior/furniture design shop downtown Toronto.
Hollace Cluny is located near Rosedale station for all you Torontonians :p
I had to go to a few furniture design shops throughout the city, discovering
and looking at new designs for research. Here are just some snapshots from
my visit to the store. The staff were extremely friendly and willing to help!

I've seen this light fixture in Dwell magazine.
I'm pretty sure this is by Lindsey Adelman. They had another piece by her
on the first floor, which was interesting as well, but I couldn't really get a
nice photo of it alone >< It's called the 'Clamp Lamp' if you're interested :p

I fell in love with this white marble console table, then I touched it...
and fell in love LOL :p I love the smooth texture and the marble design.

This lovely lighting piece was placed above the stairs to the second floor <3 p="p">It was a bit too high for me to see the designer/price >< :( should have asked!
Even the texture of the wall is lovely :p
Hope you guys enjoyed this random most :p

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wild, but Sweet Kisses

Base: Essie Grow Stronger base coat
Colour: Nubar 'Citadel' (light grey)
Leaf Print: Konad Imade Plate M83
Lip Print: Konad Image Plate M84
Green Leaves: Konad Image Plate M82 (tiny leaf from one of the flowers)
Glitter: CM 'Diamond Glitter'
Top: Konad top coat

This weeks lovely design is inspired by the scarf on the right taken from :p
I originally wanted to use a pastel green for the leaves, but because I couldn't find the
right shade of grey, the pastel green didn't show up as well as I had thought ><

I still really love this design :D hope you guys do too :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Name this design

Base: Essie Grow Stronger base coat
Colour: OPI 'Pepe's Purple Passion'
Feather design: Konad image plate M63
Star pattern: Konad image plate M84
Top: Konad top coat

I have no idea what to call this design ><

Sunday, September 09, 2012

shrimps & peaches

Base: Essie Grow Stronger base coat
Colour: OPI 'Sand In My Suit'
Purple Design: Konad Image Plate M84
White Stripe: Konad Image Plate M44
Glitter: CM diamond glitter
Top: Konad top coat

Shrimps, green beans and scrambled eggs for dinner!

My two current favourites. The pink fluffy pen from eBay and this lovely peach body butter :)

Some random photographs that I took and love :p

Hope you all had a nice weekend :)

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Naruko Defense BB Sunscreen SPF50++++

I've been looking for a sunscreen with a higher SPF.
I wanted something with a light coverage and if you have
clear to good skin, then this BB sunscreen is for you. This
BB Sunscreen will not cover any post acne marks. I noticed
that it helped to control the oil on my face throughout the day.
This makes a great primer and sunscreen in one. It also helped
to even out my skin a little, making it seem a bit brighter.

This sunscreen will probably only work for fair-light skin tones.
It has a pink tint and is a bit watery at first (Aqua being the first
ingredient in the product). The coverage is very sheer... only you
would notice the difference :p

It comes in a small and slim tube, which is great for travel.
I don't like products that are bulky and huge with only 30ml
of product >< they take up room and is sometimes unnecessary.

Will I buy this again?
Maybe in the summer... I'm still trying to look for a more natural option,
with more physical sunscreen as to chemical sunscreens, but this is a pretty
good primer for my skin and have been loving it so far for the past 2-3 weeks :)

(Active) Zinc Oxide 2.5%, Ethylhexl Methoxycinnamate 2.5%, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane 1.2%, Benzophenone-3 1%
(Other Ingredients) Aqua, Tremella Fuciformis Extract, Phytoferulin (Kalanchoe Spathulata Extract), Glycyrrhiza Glabra
(Licorice) Root Extract, Scutellaria Alpina Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract, Peucedanum Ostruthium Leaf Extract, Ginkgo Biloba
Leaf Extract, Artemisia Umbelliformis Extract, Leontopodium Alpinum Extract, Epilobium Fleischeri Extract, Calendula
Officinalis Extract, Chamomila Recutita (Matricria) Flower Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Narcissus Tazetta L.Var
Chinensis Roem, Aminopropyl Kojyl Phosphate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Butylene Glycol,
Polyquaternium-51, Polysaccharide, Hydrogenated Polysbotene, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dicaprylyl Carbonate, Cetyl
Dimethicone, Magnesium Sulfate, Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone, Sorbitan Olivate,
Methylsilanol Hydroxyproline Aspartate, Palmitic Acid, Menthyl Lactate, Tetrahydropropylene Diamine, Dimathicone,
HDI/Trimethylol Hexyllactone Crosspolymer, Polydodecanamideaminium Triazadiphenylethenesulfonate, Polycinylalcohol
Crosspolymer, Titanium Dioxide, Silica, Sericite (Mica), D-Glucono-1,5-Lactone, Sodium Benzoate, Ferric Oxide Yellow

Now that, is a heck load of ingredients -.-

Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall Favourites

These are just some of the looks I am liking for the upcoming season! :)
I'll most likely be doing a beauty post next (finally!) :p

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