Sunday, September 20, 2015

Chosungah Brow Maker ~ Black Brown

I have been looking for something new, for my brows :)
The Chosungah Brow Maker had some good reviews on the Sephora
website, so I decided to try it out for myself. I do like Korean beauty
products, especially for the eyes. I find that their colours/shades work
well with my skin tone. I picked the Black Brown shade.
I love this stuff. This is not a natural/organic beauty product, but the
packaging and the design of the product has won me over!

First of all, it's a 4-in-1 product. I can comb, set, colour, and fill in my brows!

This product doesn't work the best if you have very sparse brows though.
My brows are naturally pretty thick, so this just makes them more polished.
I thought there would be too much product coming off of the brush when
I first pulled it out of the tube, but it gave me the perfect amount.

I did have to get rid of the excess product from the wedge tip.
It doesn't soak too much of the product, making it very easy to apply.
It is also waterproof. I went into the shower and it didn't smudge or come off
until I cleansed my face. It was very easy to remove!

2 posts in 1 day! Sorry for abandoning the blog for a short while :p

Product Fail ~ Gel Polish Soak-Off Clips

I do my nails with gel polish every 2 weeks or so and I usually remove them
by soaking my nails with cotton, wrapped in aluminum foil. I saw these
soak-off clips for removing gel polish and it looked like a great idea... maybe
I could be eco-friendly and buy something reusable... but nope.

I do not recommend these clips.

Because they are not suited for everyone.
If you have slim fingers and smaller nails, like me, then these will
definitely not work for you. The clip wasn't able to close all the way
on some of my nails because my nail/finger was too small.

I also feel that the clip isn't completely enclosed onto the finger tip,
so it is exposed to oxygen, making it less effective to soak off the gel.

I bought these clips here.
I love Cosmetic Love though. They have great prices and some of the
latest Korean beauty products/tools. They also offer free shipping, which
is great :) definitely check out the other products from their website!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Where I've Been

I haven't been very motivated to blog.
I'm constantly working or traveling and it's been pretty great :)
So... get ready for a post filled with a ton of photos! :p

I visited the Netherlands again in June and traveled to Den Haag,
where the original painting, "The Girl with the Pearl Earring" resides.
It's located at the Mauritshuis not too far from the train station.
I've been wanting to see this painting for many years. I don't know why but this
painting has always left an impression on me. I'm glad I went to see it!

The museum was quite small, but filled with paintings from Troost, Vermeer.
They had a cafe/bistro on the 3rd? floor and their menu looked quite good.
I had a glass of orange juice, a cappuccino and the open faced sandwich
with cheese, apple syrup, and mango chutney. It was pretty delicious :)
There was one day where I took the wrong train home and I ended up at Zwolle station.
Well... at least I got free non-alcoholic beer :D I was running up and down the stairs of
the station trying to look for the right platform, where people were handing out the free beer.
They probably thought I was nuts or wanted more beer.

I tried the alcoholic version and pretty much fell in love and I don't even
drink... so it's officially my favourite beer :) The alcoholic version tastes like sparkling
citrus iced tea, with beer. It only contains 2% alcohol, so that's good for me :)

I think it was the day I went to go see Nijntje (Miffy) in front of the Rijksmuseum XD
It was her 60th anniversary! :)
I tell everyone who visits the Netherlands to try the FRESH stroopwafels, not the
ones from the grocery store, because it just isn't the same :p They're delicious and probably
not very good for you. You can buy the grocery ones to bring back home though.
I also love cooking! I usually shop at Albert Heijn because it's literally located like
every block of the city =\ (probably exaggerating).
The day before I left, I went to this amazing palace in Apeldoorn. The first queen of
the Netherlands lived here. The last queen passed here. The palace is beautiful. It is
now partly a museum, filled with paintings of the family. If you want to visit, it's
called the Paleis Het Loo. It's about a 20 minute bus ride from Apeldoorn station.

Of course, there were many more places I visited in between, but that's all I'll share for now.
Then I went to Vancouver with a friend from July 8-14... to be continued! :)

Sunday, March 08, 2015

♡ Primal Pit Paste! ♡

Okay, so I've wanted to make a blog post/review of the Primal Pit Paste
deodorant since last year... literally. I even took photos of the product
last Autumn, but I never got around to it.

So enjoy my review! :)
I finally have the day off this week! :p
 I got the Light, Unscented version because I don't like fragrances in deodorant.
I've read other reviews regarding their Regular deodorant being a bit too strong,
as in itching and so forth, so I opted for the Light version, knowing how sensitive
my skin can get with skincare products. They also have other scents, such as
Lavender, Orange Creamsicle, Lemonade and more :)

I love this because:
☆ Fragrance free, no scent
☆ Leaves my pits smelling odour-free
☆ Keeps my pits dry for a good 3-5 hours
(it really depends on the weather and how much I am running around/stressing)
☆ In a jar, where I can get every last bit of the product
☆ It's a solid and melts when in contact with your skin
☆ It's in a glass jar, making it reusable/recyclable

I wish it:
☆ Controlled perspiration... I mean it helps a bit but definitely not for
someone who perspires a lot during the hot summer days

*This is a deodorant and not an antiperspirant so I can't really say much :\

Important Note!
☆ Make sure you exfoliant, wash your armpits at the end of the day.
The baking soda/acids may darken your pits over time if you don't take care of the area!!!
☆ Don't overdo it, it might leave a white cast if you put too much.
I recommend about 1-2 pea sized amounts for each side :)

Ingredients (Organic*)
Organic Shea Butter, Arrowroot Powder*, Coconut Oil*, Non-Aluminum Baking Soda
The jars are $8.95 each, which is quite affordable, but since I'm Canadian,
I had to pay a bit more for shipping which was about $10. I would still purchase it again.

You can get a trial sized jar for about $3.95 on their website.

and I redid my nails last night! Aren't they cute? :p
I can't believe I changed the shape of my nails, in order to do these heart tips ♡
I'm wearing Bio Seaweed Gel's Sweet Pea! It's like a light purple/blue/periwinkle :p
Hope you're all having a nice weekend :)

Monday, March 02, 2015

♡ Recent Nail Designs ♡

I have clearly abandoned my blog for a good 4/5 months now :(
I have been very busy with work, but I hope to blog a lot more
near the end of May, when I travel abroad for a couple of months.

I love doing my nails for special occasions,
so here is one I did for Valentine's Day :p

and my most recent nail design, using all Bio Seaweed Gel polishes :)
Hope you are all well!
There are so many things I want to share on my blog :(
I'm just eagerly waiting for Spring to come.
This cold, dreary weather is quite depressing!

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