Saturday, May 25, 2013

Don't Know... Beets Me!

I've been craving for a hot pink or raspberry pink nail colour lately :p
and this beautiful colour from OPI is the perfect shade!

I love the name as well :p because I love beets and I say 'don't know' a lot lol

I've done this design before, but with a light blue. I really like it,
so I decided to do it again, but with a different base colour :)

Base: Essie Grow Stronger base coat
Colour: OPI 'Don't Know... Beets Me!'
Design: Konad M13
Top: Konad top coat

What I had for dinner today :p

Friday, May 24, 2013

Summer Shaving Necessities :p

I recently purchased some new shaving necessities and I will be doing a review
on the products shown above! I haven't used them yet, so I have nothing to say :p

Products from the bottom:
☆ Earth Science Triple Action Problem Skin Treatment (ingrown hairs, razor bumps, etc)
☆ Alba Botanica Very Emollient Cream Shave (Aloe Mint)
☆ EO Hand Sanitizer (not for shaving lol)
all purchased from :)

I've also been loving parsley salad lately :) yummy
This was store bought, so please don't ask me for a recipe ><

I've been loving my tassel key chain I bought on eBay a while back.
I like putting small charms onto my smaller handbags :)
I can't seem to find the seller anymore, but the quality isn't so great...
Just search for "tassel key chain" or "tassel charm" if you're interested :)

Have a great weekend :) enjoy this music :)
Roy Kim "Bom Bom Bom"
He has a lovely voice :p

Thursday, May 23, 2013

L'Occitane Angelica Instant Hydration Mask

I don't think I did a review for this yet?
I've been using this more during the winter/entering into spring/summer time.
I did use this a few days back, because it was getting cooler. I will probably
be taking this out again this week, as the weather is starting to cool down this week.

I really like this stuff. The strong floral scent may bother others though.
I got used to it, using it the first night before bed. It gives off a nice spa-like
scent before bed time and feels quite nice on the skin.

It says to remove it with toner or warm water after 3 minutes.
I did that the first time and my face felt very hydrated and it also helped to brighten.
Now, I just leave it on until the next morning :) works just as well especially when
it's cold and dry, where you live :)

☆ lightweight, clear, gel texture
☆ hydrates the skin, brightens the skin
☆ leaves a subtle floral scent after a few minutes
☆ 75ml (I think it's a pretty good price for the amount)
☆ convenient/hygienic tube packaging, great for travel as well

☆ a bit pricey for some people
☆ strong floral scent and lingers, but becomes more subtle

When do I use it?
I use this about 5-10 minutes after my skincare routine :)
Then I wear it to bed as well. I only use this when the weather
is cooler... so around 10 degrees celcius and lower. It doesn't
really work that great for me when the weather is warm and hot ><

☆ $32-36 (They tend to have deals on Facebook!)

Here are the ingredients :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Looking for a new laptop/travel bag

I have been on the hunt for a new laptop tote bag for the
past couple of months. Due to my indecisive and picky nature...
of course I have been having a difficult time doing so ><

I've had my current one for well over 5 years and I'm afraid
it will not last on me for when I travel overseas. It has been
around the world with me lol

If you guys have any suggestions or know of any bags
that will easily fit a 15" laptop, please let me know!
It doesn't necessarily have to have a laptop compartment,
because I can always use a separate case to hold it.

I do have a budget though... I don't really want to spend
anything over $90 just because I don't really feel the need to.

I'm looking for something simple, but stylish, while being quite
practical... is that too much to ask for? lol :p
01. eBay (Burmingham tote) $51
This bag is pretty practical because it has a zipper, unlike the other 2 below :(
But I kind of wish it didn't have that many studs. I know this like a Valentino
inspired/copy bag, but it fits my laptop and the handles look quite sturdy!
02. eBay (Large Canvas Shopper) $57
This is a nice casual, but stylish looking bag... I'm just not too sure
about the handles >> they look very short and I would like something
longer to carry it over my shoulder. This doesn't have any zippers as well.
It's like an open tote, but they give you a strap/chain to pinch the 2 sides closer together.
03. eBay (Reversible Pattern Tote) $56
This bag is kind of impractical but it's large enough... >>
It doesn't have zippers as well, so I'm most likely not buying this one.

Let me know what you guys think! I need help deciding!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day ♡

Base: Essie Grow Stronger base coat
Colour: OPI (sorry, I don't remember -.-)
Design: Konad Image Plates M79 and M62
Top: Konad top coat

Hope you're all spending some quality time with your mom :)
If you're like me, who isn't very good at expressing how you
feel, a small gesture/gift makes all the difference :)

I am currently addicted to this beautiful song and music video!
Geeks ft. Ailee "Wash Away"

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Grey-T To Be Here!

I LOVE this colour :)
It's a light grey with pink iridescent shimmers :)

Base: Essie Grow Stronger base coat
Colour: Essence 'Grey-t to be here'
Designs: Konad image plate M92 (cupids), M62 (pearls and bow necklace)
Top: Konad top coat

This week's design is quite random, but I couldn't resist the cute cupid design!

Here is my outfit of the day for work :) yay for sleeveless tops!
It's finally warm enough here... in fact, I believe we skipped spring and went
straight into summer lmao >< It was even snowing early/mid April!?

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Live Clean De-Puffing Eye Roller

Unfortunately I no longer have the box but here is a description:

"This anti-puff eye roller is formulated with natural green tea caffeine to effectively
diminish the look of puffiness and dark circles. The roll-on application cools and
massages for refreshed and awakened eyes. Orchid extract seals in moisture and
replenishes skin’s moisture barrier, while antioxidant Vitamin C protects and boosts
radiance. With unique combination of Certified Organic Botanicals to Calm/Soothe:
Lavender, Cucumber, Chamomile, Milk Thistle, Mallow, Aloe and Buckthorn." - Live Clean.

Honestly, I'm not sure why I bought this de-puffing eye roller ><
I get puffy eyes when I don't have enough sleep or when I cry.
My main concern, are my dark circles...

I mainly used this during the night time, because it leaves a very thin film.

☆ cooling effect (great for the morning and night)
☆ hydrates the eye area
☆ would be great for the warmer months
☆ helps to lightly massage the eye area

☆ don't really see a significant difference
☆ my under eyes can live without it
☆ a bit pricey for what it does, in my opinion
☆ I believe this is only sold in Canada
   (Shoppers Drug Mart and some Wal-Mart locations?)

☆ $20 +/-

Official Live Clean website

Will I buy it again?
Probably not, because I don't find it special enough to keep it in my skincare routine ><
I would check out their daily moisturizer! it absorbs quickly and comes
in a 150ml tube for a very reasonable price :) unfortunately, it doesn't
contain any sun protection though :( I am also currently using their
shampoo and conditioner! I really like their compact packaging :)

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