Thursday, March 31, 2011

Which Candy Bag are you?

I wasn't a huge fan of the bag when I first saw it but the blue and pink ones are cute =p I think these would be great for the beach =] and for cloudy days, to lift up the mood =]

The bag retails for $195 USD. Would you carry this bag?

DIY jewelry box

I recently finished my Body Shop Peppermint intense Foot Rescue, but I really liked the container so I decided to make use out of it =D I always try to find a way to reuse something, once I made a mailing envelope into a small tote bag >> I'll show you guys that another time =p

I used a PA nail polish glitter with stars to paint the lid (still need to paint the rest). I wanted to add a bow on the lid, so I remember one of the Forever21 tags had a small navy bow, so I just ripped it off the tag and placed it on the lid =]

I didn't use glue or anything for the bow, just the nail polish to place it on the lid.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Essence & 2True

Now, I don't really buy makeup so whenever I post makeup products, they're usually things I have been using for over 2 months+ =] and you have to know that the makeup/skincare items I buy are mostly organic/natural or at least somewhat kind to my skin lol. I check for all the ingredients before I buy something. So these items aren't that harmful, but they could have better quality ingredients, hence the prices.

I got these items when I went to the Netherlands back in December/January 2011. The foundation was around 4/5 euros? and the cheek/lip tint was around 3 euros. A steal eh? =p

Essence soft&natural make-up
I really like this light weight foundation, I use a pea sized amount just to even out my skin tone on the weekends when I'm working. I don't wear this everyday, but I have oily skin and this doesn't make me look greasy throughout the day. I still have to blot at least once a day though but that's pretty much it =] it contains ginseng root extract and a type of wood extract. It's very natural and gives light/medium coverage. I bought this at Kruidvat but etos carries it as well... not too sure where else you can get it because I don't live in the Netherlands =p I believe I'm in the lightest shade they have out of the 4.

2True cheek/lip tint
This is like a dupe of Benefit's benetint, except MUCH cheaper =p I've never used benetint so I can't really compare but I really like this as a lip tint. I haven't used it as a cheek tint yet... because it's not really what I wanted to use it for XD The only thing I don't like about this is that it comes off when you eat and drink... when you wipe your mouth, you can see the tint on the napkin. I still like to use this though, very pretty at the centre of the lips with a peachy/pink gloss on top =]

How I eat cereal =]

So, I'm someone who likes to mix a lot of different types of cereal lol usually whatever I feel like. I haven't had cereal in such a long time, so decided to eat it for breakfast =]

- cocoa crisps
- honey nut cheerios
- kellog's raisin bran with flakes
- nesquick chocolate cereal
- banana chunks


Forever 21

I ordered a few items over the weekend >< I know I'm so bad >< anyway the eyelet top is so cute, I got it in a size Medium, so it's a bit more loose.

I also got these 2 semi sheer, light tops in a size Small, but it's rather large on me >< but they didn't have any size XSmall's left -.- thought small would fit... anyway it still looks fine if I tuck it under a skirt/pants. It will be perfect for the summer anyway because it's very airy =p

sorry for the crappy photos >< I need a tripod to be able to take full shots, and please don't mind my pj pants =]

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

lovely Cheshire

My bf's cat, isn't he beautiful? his name is Cheshire, he's all grown up now haha <3

yummy breakfast <3

Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring fashion

All of these items are sold on =p These are some of the many items I love for spring <3 I am actually ordering that blazer from them and a pair of pointed nude flats. Watch out for a Zipia haul post in the future =]

peanut butter & banana toast

My favourite breakfast <3 with gestampte muisje of course =] and just going to class today, nothing special ><

Sunday, March 27, 2011

What a nice day

It's still pretty cold here, but it's still very sunny outside! I am currently eating my yummy dinner =] and I'm not very happy with Canada Post, not only do they charge so much for shipping, they make you pay again when an item is not picked up by the person you shipped to, and sent back =[ I sent a small package to the Netherlands back in January and the person I sent it to said he never got it so I wonder what happened really -.- it says 64 weeks on the package... wow o.o

and this is what I wore to work today =]

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bright Pink. eek

I don't usually go for this shade of pink but I had the Revlon scented nail polish in 'Sublime Strawberry' lying around and I never used it >< I got it so I could test out the smell lol =p

Friday, March 25, 2011

Boot Queen

I have been saving these lovely boots away from the snow, I can't wait until all the snow is gone -.- aren't they lovely? They are from a brand called Boot Queen and surprisingly I'm a size 35(5) which is quite small... I'm usually a size 5.5-6 =p I got these at a Russian shoe store nearby.

and check out Wong Fu's new video, inspired by Korean dramas lol

Beauty Must-Have

I need lip balm, all the time >< my lips are always so dry and chapped =[ I am also up to trying new lip balms, especially organic/natural brands. I am currently using the Labello/Nivea Hydro Care and the Burt's Bees Beeswax lip balm. They are both pretty good.

Labello (also known as Nivea)
It does what it says, keeps my lips moisturized for at least an hour when I'm inside. It doesn't last as long when I leave the house though because of the cold weather we have here in Canada... wth -.- it's spring and we have snow =[ but surprisingly it lasts up to 2 hours when I was on the plane back in January. I would apply it after every meal/drink they gave us on the plane... it really did save my lips lol

Burt's Bees
I tried this a few years ago and loved it, mainly for the minty feeling after applying. The peppermint is really apparent, which I love <3 it doesn't last that long though >< this would be perfect for spring/summer because of the cooling sensation it leaves on the lips. I use this at night before I go to sleep. Love it <3

and here is a peak at what I wore today, just cleaning my room and working on projects ><

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Desktop Wallpaper!

I finally made a new desktop wallpaper! after like a year lol =p my old one looked like this:

I made this in June 2010 (what the file name says =p)

what do you think of my new one!? =p

Lipstick Collection

Yes, I only have 3 lipsticks lol. They are in order from old-recently purchased.

I'm not a huge lipstick person because I have dry lips and prefer lip balms/tints.

- Etude House VIP Girl in OR205
- Maybelline Moisture Extreme in A34 Born With It
- Revlon Super Lustrous in 631 Luminous Pink (pearl)

Etude House
It has super cute packaging as always =p and I love the peachy orange shade, unfortunately it's very drying and settles into fine lines. It smells amazing but doesn't feel so great when applying... kind of chalky and dry.

The packaging is kind of boring and not very pretty but the lipstick itself is super moisturizing and creamy o.o unfortunately the colour I chose was very similar to my natural lip colour and I wanted more of a pink. They don't have a lot of shades to choose from but most of them are very pigmented.

I love the colour, it's a light pink with silver shimmers. It's not super pigmented but not sheer, it gives off a nice sheen. It is a bit drying for the winter but will look great with glosses.

Crest vs. Colgate toothpaste

I've been using the Crest Pro-Health Sensitive Shield toothpaste recently because we finished the Colgate Max Fresh. I must say, it is one of the worst toothpastes ever >< it doesn't foam much... at all and it leaves your mouth kind of dry. It doesn't taste very pleasant as well >< it's a light green paste with very tiny mint beads... looks very smooth... and well it is because the first time I squeezed it out of the tube, it kind of slid off my toothbrush lol

You can smell the mint but it kind of disappears while brushing, which isn't very effective ><

Yes I know this was a random post but I just had to let you guys know how bad it is -.-

I would definitely recommend the Colgate Max Fresh line though, very nice and looks pretty =]

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

vintage purses

My mom found these 2 purses, she never used =p I like them a lot =] I'm thinking of adding a small cream coloured bow to the front of the purse on the right <3

Priti for Spring

I adore these beautiful colours! can't wait until spring/summer <3 Priti Polish is one of my favourite nail polish brands... actually I think it is my favourite =p

They have amazing and unique colour selections, chemical free, smooth application, lovely brush, and they rarely chip on me. PLUS their bottles are recyclable <3

I get my Priti Polish colours from and I believe there is a store that sells a selection where I live, but I never checked the prices.They are usually around $11-12 USD and $14 CAD.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chloe Spring/Summer 2011

I love the handbags and the sunglasses, not sure about the flats but still cute =p

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Loose button #01

I just received my first Loose Button box this morning =] it's like a monthly subscription to deluxe beauty and skin care samples for only $10 =] similar to Birchbox from the states. Loose Button is based in Canada and was shipped yesterday and arrived early today ^^ how awesome is that.

The packaging is very cute and this month's box came with an Estee Lauder Pure Pops lipgloss in 'Caramel Apple Pie'. I just tried this on and it gives me a subtle berry colour, very lovely ^^ the box also came with an Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume mascara, Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Gentle Cleanser, and an Elizabeth Grant Lubricating Body Treatment ^^ They also put in a piece of Swiss Delice chocolate <3

It also came with a card listing all the items in the box ^^

and I redid my nails last night ^^ it's been getting more spring like this week and I wanted to do something light and fresh <3

Friday, March 04, 2011

Apple Blueberry muffins!

yah, I made these and I also made up my own ingredients lol =p

- 1 cup self rising flour
- 2 tsp. cinnamon
- 1/2 cup sugar
- 2 eggs
- 1 cup low fat blueberry yogurt
- 1 chopped apple
makes a dozen muffins (12)

mix away!

smells delicious! and this actually tastes quite good, it isn't too sweet like the ones you buy in stores <3

Lovely Lace


Thursday, March 03, 2011

Kate Spade

can't wait until spring!!! <3
redid my nails today at work, pictures tomorrow! =]

OMG iPad2

um, I want this!? <3

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