Wednesday, March 31, 2010

nubar: prisms collection

I am loving the nail polish colours from the Prisms Collection by Nubar! =p too bad they don't ship to Canada >< it's hard to find it where I live but I do have two polishes from them (Reclaim and Prevail).

Absolute, Treasure, and Gem are my favourites from this collection =]

aren't they lovely? =]
view more colours from the collection here

smile, you

Korean drama of the moment =]
I haven't been able to find a good drama for this year yet.

Smile, you is a pretty good one... but quite long with 45 episodes... well not that long if you've seen a drama with over 100 episodes =p ex. Golden Bride (a really good kdrama as well)

This is a family/romance drama and the characters are all somewhat different with funny characteristics. Some of the characters tend to get on my nerves and well I tend to skip some parts of each episode because I've been watching too many kdramas in my lifetime so far and I kind of know what happens >>

This drama started filming in October 2009 =p and ended early March 2010... so I'm not that behind >>

another anticipated drama with SiWon from super junior called Oh! My Lady with ChaeRim was supposed to be good but I can't really tell yet. I saw the first episode but reminded me of Full House and wasn't that interesting ><

Saturday, March 27, 2010

nudy series: brown

I recently tried on a pair of Magic Color lenses from Geo Medical and either my eyes are too small for the lenses or I'm not quite used to wearing contacts like that but it was very uncomfortable and looked weird on me lol =p I prefer my natural eye colour >< was quite irritating when I first put them in and I had to take them out right away. It stung a little bit which was weird because I soaked it in my own lense solution for 2 days and my solution never fails me XD even with my Freshlook colour lenses.

This is the colour I tried on

I'm not sure why I even bought these lenses in the first place >> was kind of an impulse because I was curious as to how they would look and what not =p not going to do that again ><

Thursday, March 25, 2010

SS2010 wallpaper #1

I felt like making a wallpaper with an image from the Versace Spring/Summer 2010 photoshoot =] I will most likely be making more. Feel free to use these for personal use only.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Samsung 2View

The Samsung 2View digital camera looks amazing, with the first dual LCD touch screen, 3.5 touch screen display, and a 27mm wide angle lens.

I haven't had the chance to look at the camera in person yet, but the next time I'm near a Future shop or Bestbuy, I'll definitely check it out =] although this camera doesn't have enough of the specs I would like from a camera. The focus is only from 3.5... and I am a macro lover so I need at least a 2.8 =p which my current Canon has but is getting quite old. My Canon SD400 is still my favourite though... I just think something is wrong with the focus =[ sad sad

For more information click here =]

Sunday, March 21, 2010

new! five gum

Five gum released a new flavour recently (or at least I think =p)
I believe it's called the five gum react? in both berry and mint flavours

I must say that it was quite disappointing >> it tastes like any artifical fruit flavoured gum and reminded me of flavoured water (which I dislike... a lot XD)

The only flavoured water I can drink would be Vitamin Water because it doesn't have that strong aftertaste from the other flavoured waters I have tried including ones from Nestle and Life.

I would give this gum a rating of 3/10 >> lol

Thursday, March 18, 2010

alice in wonderland

I went to see the movie last night and if I were to give this movie a rating out of 10... it would be around 6.5 >> The movie was well made but some of the scenes could have been improved, especially during the second half of the movie.

The scene where the hatter was dancing near the end was a bit awkward =p The ending seemed a bit forced and I'm sure it would have ended more smoothly =\

Thursday, March 11, 2010

popcorn pens o.o

There is a pen called the popcorn pen in Korea where when heated, the ink fluffs up like popcorn!!! say what!? lol =p

So you're supposed to put them near a heater or you can also use a hair dryer for them to pop up =p it looks like so much fun... I am going to buy a pack for the summer to play around with =p

They seem to be great as gifts or making cards as well =]
click here to buy them from ebay =]

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

hermes look alike love

I found this amazing light blue coloured hermes look alike handbag on ebay by the seller named Yaxin09 o.o omg I haven't bought it yet because I want to make sure that's the colour in real life >< You don't see people carrying this colour, but I can't keep my eyes off of it >< I was thinking about the pink but I keep going back to this blue >< it's so pretty >< the little bear makes it even more irresistible o.o lol

I am in love... who cares if this is not real, I love it o.o

=[ aw blogger made the blue seem lighter...
click for the link to the bag =]

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

100% Pure wishlist

100% Pure contains all organic and natural ingredients for the skin, which is amazing! =] I have been eying these products below and am most likely going to purchase them in June =p I am waiting to finish my current skin products but can't wait! =p

Skin care:
- Organic Eucalyptus Seafoam Facial Cleanser
(for acne prone and oily skin types)
- Organic Pomegranate Antioxidant Hydration SPF 20
- Carrot Facial Scrub
- Organic Peppermint Green Tea Facial Tonique
(for acne prone and oily skin types)
- Organic Mint Lip Balm

- Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20
- Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer
- Peach Glow Cheek and Lip Tint

lovely brooches

I recently had the time to finally take some photos of these lovely brooches I received from two of my aunts the past 2-3 months =] I can't wait to use them on my bags and blazers =p maybe I can even put them on my hair?

The 2nd brooch doesn't have a pin so I'll have to find one and attach it, but very lovely =]

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Bag Haus

Some of the handbags at baghaus are worthy to purchase and definitely to look at =] The prices aren't so bad as well. The leather handbags are definitely worth the price on the website.

My Top Picks =]
top left: Nicole Lee Charlotte Croco Bowler (Natural) $69.95
top right: Nicole Lee Pretty Annette Bag $67.95 - vegan leather
bottom right: Urban Expressions Silves Tote $69.95 - vegan leather

I am in love with the Hermes look alike =p but the Silves tote is much more convenient because there is a zipper closure on the top. You don't have to lift the flap or unlock anything to get to your necessities =] The Croco bowler is definitely a statement piece and both of these handbags are great for all seasons =] The Annette bag is leaning more towards Spring/Summer.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

wavy hair

Well now I know where to get my haircut next time =] I asked to get my haircut 2.5 inches shorter but I think I should have asked for 4 inches instead =p lol I'm going to go again in June to get my hair cut 3 inches shorter... just in time for summer =] The girl was so nice, she blew dry my hair and made it wavy and voluminous =p very lovely. The salon is called The Cut Above =]

Friday, March 05, 2010

fish braid attempt

My first attempt at the fish braid >> kind of loose and not so perfect but happy with how it looked overall =p I took out the elastics and the fish braid stayed intact =p yay... not for long though >>

I'm supposed to go get a haircut tomorrow but I am honestly freaking scared lol >> I usually get my hair cut by this guy but I decided to try a new salon... I honestly hope it works out >< I would be so devastated if I didn't like the result =[ I don't want to cut my hair but I have to because it's getting quite long >< decisions decisions >< I am so nervous right now =[ don't think I can even sleep >>

waterbased nail polish

I've been looking into waterbased nail polish lately.

I know there are a lot of polishes like Priti, Suncoat, Aquarella, and so much more o.o They should really start to put themselves out in the market. Anyway... I don't even remember what I was going to say about these polishes ><

moving on... >>

I've been quite annoyed by a few things lately >> "pet peeves"

01 people biting their nails
02 people breathing heavily... which I could hear from 1-3 metres away
03 people doing that "tz" sound with their teeth and tongue...
04 people walking severely slow in front of me >> (I'm a fast walker)
05 people pushing to get onto a bus or subway >>

When I was on the subway home this afternoon, there was this lady who sat next to me and she would not stop biting her nails... she kept on picking at her nails and the skin around it >< er and this guy sitting behind her kept on tapping on the metal bar with his ring >> he was also tapping the floor with his feet... ><

Thursday, March 04, 2010

chocolate marshmallow

I always thought marshmallow was spelt like "marshmellow" >> apparently not *sigh* isn't the packaging cute? =p they have a pudding and strawberry flavour as well.

I'm currently looking through this Typography Design Annual for one of my classes. It's their 20th edition... I believe they have 29 annuals so far =]

I'm a huge H&M fan and I always pick up their magazine when a new one comes out. I also picked up a soft denim blouse with puffed shoulders =p very cute. The top was only $12.95cad


Oversleeping is never too good when you have class >> waking up at 6 in the morning and only having about 4-5 hours of sleep is not for me either >< I'm someone who can wake up early but not when I'm tired from the night before >< unless I really really force myself or feel motivated to >> which usually doesn't come with school... but comes with other things -.-

So, we have to design a book and I've finished putting together a mini draft copy last night... which was okay... needs a lot of improvement >< I need more inspiration -.-

My theme for this book involves fruit =] yes... the healthy, textured, colourful, yummy goodness of fruit =] yummm *sigh*

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

lovely florals

I'm trying to look for the perfect floral skirt >< I really like the multicoloured floral skirt on the model and the blue skirt from Forever 21 is nice as well.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

iPhone 3GS vs. LG Xenon

There isn't much to compare but I need help deciding on which phone I should get for my 3 year plan >< the iPhone is a bit pricey and I don't know if I should pay that extra money while I can pay a lot less for the Xenon. The iPhone with my 3 year plan is at $200 and the Xenon at $50.

I have to say that I am already used to the iPhone applications and everything and I have not used the Xenon in person. I have been watching some reviews for the Xenon on Youtube and found that it had a quick response time comparable to the iPhone. I don't really like the QWERTY keyboard on the Xenon and the iPhone is just so irresistible ><

The Xenon is a bit more bulky but it's smaller than the iPhone. Xenon has a touch resistant screen so it needs a bit of pressure when touching the applications. I will most likely get the iPhone but the Xenon could be an option if something happens >>


spring/summer must haves

Just a few more weeks until Spring officially starts here in Canada!

I am in love with this beige handbag from Yesstyle.
I ordered a grey one from but they didn't have any left in stock and I saw this beige one on the site and fell in love!!! <3

I don't know if the flats will fit me from Zipia because I haven't tried any of their footwear yet, so I'm just buying one pair for now to see >< I really hope it fits >< the sizing chart is a bit weird for me because I'm a size 6 but a size 36 in euro which apparently is a size 5.5 on the Zipia chart ><

Monday, March 01, 2010

song of the moment

BoA . Possibility . Japan

zipia obsession

Zipia is a wholesale website from South Korea selling the latest styles of clothing and accessories for both men and women =] here is a little collage I made about a week ago about the items I was planning to get... but I've taken out a few items... like always XD they always add new things and I am under a budget so I constantly have to decide on which items I really want and which I can live without =]

hmm my posts don't have a title... wonder what's wrong ><

new beginning

Wow, I found this blog from who knows when >< well let's hope this one will last for quite a bit =p until end of the year perhaps? haha unlikely but who knows =p

It's only 11:10pm right now but it feels like 1 in the morning XD

I am going to start posting now!!! fun fun =p

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