Saturday, July 23, 2011

The MODern French

I love French Manicure designs of almost all colours.
They are elegant, simple and suitable for all ages :)
This design is suitable for the 60's and colour blocking! ;p

Base: Cuccio Natural Base Coat
Colour: OPI 'sweetheart' (3 coats -.- not a very good consistency from OPI!)
Tip design: Konad M19
Top: Konad special top coat

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Suki to-go

I just received it this morning from and I can't
wait to try it when I go to New York for vacation :)

I was actually hoping that it would come in small containers...
I hate how I have to look for jars to put all this liquid in ><

I've been wanting to try their products. I think this is a good kit
to purchase if you are interested in their products and would like
to give it a try :) I've heard some many good results.

I did my nails this morning... but I accidentally ruined them -.-
so I had to take everything off :( shame -.-

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Airplane must haves

(photo taken above Rome, Italy last summer. Beautiful isn't it? ;p)

I know some of you out there don't really like to travel by plane,
but I do enjoy it. It would be even better if you are lucky enough
to sit beside someone who isn't loud or talks too much ><

Other than your passport, what are things that you need to or would
like to bring on your 8+ hour flight?

I would have to bring some kind of a snack. I get extremely hungry
during the time where everyone is sleeping about 2-3 hours after 1 meal.
They usually serve 2 meals and maybe a snack in between. I seriously get
to the point where I feel like I'm starving and going to pass out lol ><

I need lip balm because the air is so dry, and my lips are already naturally dry and chapped :(

I have to drink water every time they offer any! lol who wants to be dehydrated in the air? ._.

I usually bring a book in case there isn't anything I like to watch...
actually I never really watch anything they have... maybe one movie
and one show but I usually just try to sleep or read the magazines they
offer in front of your seat.

I like to bring a cardigan because I get cold very easily and the plane is usually
very cold when the lights are out >< The blanket itself never saves me!

I need my laptop if I am going away for more than a week :p

almost forgot about my phone lol and I have to have a watch with me
at all times whenever I'm out of the house :) I can live without it but it's
kind of an essential for me.

(edit: July 21)
I completely forgot about my DSLR camera lol ><

As you can tell, I don't really need much. I don't bring any makeup
with me because I usually put on concealer and a light amount of
powder before I get on the plane. There's really no use for it.

This article from Travel + Leisure inspired me to make this post! :)
9 Airplane-Friendly Beauty Products

Madeline inspired

I used to watch Madeline when I was a kid. It's about a little French girl (or so I thought)
and I honestly don't really remember the rest lol ><
The outfit is not directly inspired but it reminded me of her.

and I have been liking this song from Miss A recently ><
it's pretty old but I am now a fan of Suzy Bae (the girl at the beginning) :)
and I also like her jacket at the beginning XD

Monday, July 18, 2011

Harry Potter & food

I'll be honest, I have never read any of the books except for the first few pages of the first book.
I thought the movie was good overall... some awkward moments and unrealistic effects but the ending
was good. I don't want to spoil anything for any of you who haven't seen it already but if you have seen
the 3D version, let me know how it was :) I prefer watching the regular version...
3D just gives me a headache and isn't very 3D in my opinion ><

Sunday, July 17, 2011

hot summer

Top: H&M

It has been extremely hot the past week and will be even more hot the coming week ._.
I really can't stand the hot weather >< I get heat stroke quite easily and that's just not fun :(
I like to have 20-25 degrees weather but it has been around 33 degrees today, but it seriously
felt like it was 40 degrees with the heat! :(

Here is what I'm having for dinner :) my favourite vege!
I have no idea what it is called in English ><
and salmon with chicken, yummy :)

I am currently reading this book by Paul Roberts. It's interesting, but I tend to skim through a lot of it.

Friday, July 15, 2011

White sheer tops

When I saw Lee Da Hae (from the 'Miss Ripley' Kdrama) wearing this lace crop top, I had
to look for something similar if not the same! I still haven't found one that looks quite the
same but I was searching on ebay and this seller has a similar top for sale.
(links are above the images below!). I also fell in love with the simple white sheer tops
from the image above and I found a similar one from :)

(romwe simple white chiffon shirt . ebay lace crop top)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Petals & Pastels

(Priti Polish 'Bluestar'. China Glaze 'Light as Air'. Konad M51)

I felt like doing pastel tips :) and I wanted a simple design so I just stamped some flower designs
on 3 of my nails. I really like the colours, very fresh and simple <3 

Moisturizing products

(Suncoat Natural Nail Polish Remover. Jason 98% Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel)

Suncoat Natural Nail Polish Remover
I have used this in the past and I really like how this moisturizes my nails while and after removing
the nail polish. This does take a bit longer to remove the polish but it really does condition the nails.
It does have a small odor/smell but as long as you're in a ventilated area, you should be fine.

Jason 98% Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel
This is my first time trying this product and I'm really liking it. I wasn't sure how the moisturizing gel
would work but I really like how it feels. It is very suitable for the summer! Aloe vera is also great for
the skin and for sun burns! it helps to let the skin heal faster.

I bought these on because they have a good selection of natural products.
They also tend to be a bit less expensive and you know what's on sale right away.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Online Shopping (Canada)

I know there are a lot of Online Stores that provide free shipping to the United States.
I wanted to create a list of the Online Stores where shipping is free within' Canada or
provides a very reasonable and low shipping rate!

I've always had trouble looking for Canadian Online stores, but here is a list of where
I go to purchase items, while getting free shipping or shipping at a very reasonable rate!

These are all specified for Canada or worldwide.

free shipping when you spend over $25
free shipping worlwide when you spend over £40
free shipping when you spend over $59
(shipping ranges from $3-7 when you spend under $59)
free shipping when you spend over $75
free shipping to US and Canada!
free shipping when you spend over $79
(shipping ranges from $5-13 depending on province/territory)
free shipping anywhere in Canada

free shipping worldwide!
free shipping worldwide!

I'll be adding more to the list, but let me know if I am missing any you think are great! :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Light peachy lips

I've been wanting to achieve the light peachy lip look, but I just can't
seem to do it >< do you guys have any suggestions?

I tried using a peachy lipstick but my lips are too dry and I don't like
how it looks after... the lipstick itself is also kind of drying ><
and if I use lip gloss on its own, it's not pigmented enough. My lips
are quite pigmented and dry so the only thing I can really use is any
type of lip balm or gloss. Do you guys have any natural suggestions?

These are the only peachy lip products that I have =\
(left-right: Etude House V.I.P. in peach, 100% Pure Lip/Cheek tint in 'Peach Glow', Body Shop High Shine Lip Treatment in 'Juicy Peach')

Mango & Raspberry Gelato

yumm, it's been really hot this week and I was craving for a waffle cone =p
I can't seem to eat ice cream unless it comes with a cone... weird I know lol

I clearly need to get my thighs tanned... -.-

Top: Forever21
Shorts: Forever21

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Delicate pearls

Top: Urban Planet (many years ago)

This is what I wore for work... kind of -.-
I went to work and there was a sign saying that there was no power,
so the mall was technically closed. I waited for 2 hours and left -.-

Posting these outfits is really helping me with trying to wear something
different everyday :) I think we should all document what we wear lol
I'm trying to incorporate some of my older pieces of clothing to my recent
purchases as well. When I go shopping, I look for basics or unique pieces...
I don't go crazy just because there is a sale or if something is on trend.

and here are 2 random photos =p I thought they matched!
I want to read this book, I saw it in store but didn't buy it.
I took the 2nd photo today while waiting outside the mall ><

Saturday, July 09, 2011

love for H&M

These are just some of my favourite images from the most recent H&M magazine <3
and here is what I wore today for work :)

Tank top: gift from my aunt (has small illustrations of dogs lol)
Skirt: H&M

Friday, July 08, 2011

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

nom nom nom dinner.
rice paper filled with lettuce, greens, shrimp, noodles, and pork :)
and yes, I ate all of them.

Resorts... *sigh

Today's outfit for work :) kind of resort inspired :( I want to go away on vacation!

Top: Forever21
Capris: Urban Planet
Belt: Urban Planet (from a blouse)
I bought these capris probably over 5/6 years ago but this is my first time wearing them lol

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Passion in the Pacific

Base: Cuccio Natural Base Coat
Colour: China Glaze 'Passion in the Pacific'
Design: Konad S6
I didn't put a top coat for this photo. The design shows up better :)

I also changed the blog layout a bit... made it bigger so that my photos will show up better.
I made a new banner as well! just in time for summer, yay :)

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

I want to feel fresh!

what are your favourite fruits and veges? =p

I'm not a picky eater and enjoy anything as long as it's not too spicy or bitter :)
I love strawberries, blueberries, grapes, peaches, oranges, celery, avocado,broccoli, mushrooms... I can go on forever ><

Monday, July 04, 2011

I love glass bottles

I like to reuse glass bottles from skin care products I have finished using. Guess where this one is from? =p This used to be a bottle for the 100% Pure pomegranate moisturizer, but why not turn it into a simple small vase? I added the bow... because I wanted to :) now I just need fresh picked flowers <3

These are just some of the things I'm liking from, aldo, and quite random ><


(colour: China Glaze 'Sunset Sail')
I haven't been to a wedding in a long time and one of my cousins finally got married today :) we are some what close and when she first spoke into the microphone to thank us for coming, she really wanted to cry and it made me all teary eyed as well =p Then I realized how fast we were all growing and that time really flew by.

I think I need a personal photographer to take my outfit photos! lol I'll post a picture of the heels I wore and the clutch I used tomorrow :)

(dress: H&M last winter)
[edit: 11AM] here you go :)

and we placed different types of tea on the plates to take home. There were 3 different types which all had a lovely scent <3 This is 'Flora' with hibiscus petals, cinnamon and sweet licorice :)

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