Thursday, December 22, 2011

Netherlands, Belgium, Disney Paris

I haven't left my blog! I am currently in the Netherlands visiting Ric :)
These are just some of my Instagram photos from Twitter.

I post photos once in a while on twitter to keep my friends and
family up to date if they ever need to know what I am up to =p

Ric and I had dinner the 2nd/3rd week of December at Ichi-e in Amsterdam.
The food was pretty good and the restaurant looked beautiful :)

I received some Belgian chocolates from Ric's family and it was yummy :)
Then he wanted to drive me somewhere as a 'surprise gift'. We first arrived
in Belgium, but the weather was quite horrible... been raining for the past 2
weeks!? well at least where I have been -.- Then we arrived in France and I
noticed that there were a lot of Santa's trying to climb through windows =p

This is a photo of Ric >> driving me to some unknown destination, until
we arrived and I saw a sign saying "Parc Disney" and my reaction was like
this: "O.O" but I was surprised and happy at the same time =p The potato head
on the right is customized by us lol. You could create your own potato head at
Disney Studios for around 17/18 euro =p it was fun, haha

The lovely entrance to the Disney Land park :)

Hope you're all having a great holiday! 3 more days until Christmas! :)

Saturday, December 03, 2011

December Lusting ❄

I am currently in love with all these things above! :D
01. House of Harlow 02. Vanessa Mooney 03. Chloe Suede 04. Nikon 1 J1 05. Vanessa Mooney 
06. Scratch Map 07. Vanessa Mooney 08. Chloe 09. Fish Hotel 10. How Many Licks? 11. Ri2k

#7 reminded me of when I wore these bracelets that would have a small bell.
My Taekwondo instructor would laugh at me all the time in class -.- He kind
of mentioned about me being Santa's little helper because of the jingling XD
It was a long time ago though... over 6 years? lol still a cute gift though :)

and my nails! this might be the last design I'm doing until the week of Christmas :)

Base: Sally Hansen Green Tea & Olive base coat
Colour: Priti Polish 'Fairy Thimbles"
Design: Konad M79 (frilly tip design)
Glitter: Nubar 'Blue Siren'
Top: Konad top coat

What does this nail design remind you of? honestly. :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

100% Pure Purifying Seaweed Facial Mask Review

This is a very unique facial mask!
As you can see from the photos above, the powder gradually turns
into a liquid 'paste' and the leaves actually grow out! Most likely
from the seaweeds and the peppermint leaves :)

Ingredients: Organic Seaweeds(Kelp, Agar Agar, Bladderwrack), French Green Clay,
Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate), Organic Peppermint Leaves

I was really surprised and intrigued by the formula, seems like magic lol
I'm a sucker for magic even though I know it's not technically 'real' =p
Magic just lights up my mood. I think the best performance I have ever
seen was when I went to Hawaii back in around 2002? It was called the
Magic of Polynesia :) be sure to check it out if you ever visit Hawaii!

ok now back to the review >>

"Nutrient rich Seaweed Mask detoxes facial pores, purges out toxins,
leaves your complexion fresh and pure, while seaweeds nourish your
skin with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Potent Alpha Lipoic Acid
and Vitamin C repair damaged skin, restores elasticity, and strengthens
cellular structure." - 100% Pure website

- easy to use (just add a bit of water)
- you can mix this with yogurt, tea, or fruit juice as well
- leaves the skin smooth
- reduces redness
- nice treatment for the skin
- brightens the complexion
- face feels refreshed after washing off
- good for oily skin, especially during the summer
- good amount of product for the price/ingredients!
- in a sturdy glass jar (would definitely reuse!)

- smells like raw kelp/seaweed when water is added
  (only if you don't like the smell of raw seaweed ><)
- doesn't really do anything for my pores
- can be a tiny bit messy when applying because when used
with water, it doesn't really turn into a paste and some of the
liquid tends to drip off the face from the chin ><
- can be a bit drying after, especially being used in the winter
  (I have combination/oily skin but my skin tends to be a bit dry
   during the winter time >< I should use this in the summer)

How I use it:
- make sure the face is cleansed
- mix the powder with a bit of water while using a small brush
- apply the liquid to the entire face excluding the eye area
- wait 5-10 minutes, then rinse it off
- pat dry with a towel

I really like this product and have used it for 2 weeks.
I'm not sure if I would repurchase this again just because I like
to try other products, but this is definitely worth looking into!
It retails for $22 cad on the 100% Pure website :) 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Salmon Salad Rolls

I know you want to eat this! but sorry, it's already in my tummy :)

I found this in the fridge and was starving... and it didn't say it was anyone's >>
So I ate it :)

I've been reaching for this wine red sweater a lot recently.
Keeps me warm and great for layering! :)

sparkly grey tank (H&M). wine sweater (Zipia). black skinnies (Urban Planet). belt (don't remember)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The first snowfall...

I am loving China Glaze's 'Some Like It Haute' :)

These are my nails without anything!
They are getting a tiny bit yellow and more translucent :(
Whenever I'm not wearing nail polish, I use peppermint cuticle oil to keep
my nails conditioned because I wear nail polish for work very often.

and the final result!
I painted half the tip with the gold and the other half with the dark glitter polish.
Then I stamped on the white snowflakes :)

Base: Sally Hansen Green Tea & Olive base coat
Colours: OPI 'Glamour Game' and China Glaze 'Some Like It Haute'
Design: Konad M59 and M20 (snowflake designs)
Top: Konad top coat

Friday, November 25, 2011

Hippie Chic

black shirt (H&M). floral fringe/tasseled top (F21). black skinnies (Urban Planet). belt (Ardene)

(November 28: I was WRONG, the quality of this top is the worst I have ever
come across! My mom was helping me hand wash the top because clearly you
do not put this in the washer/dryer. The next thing you know, the tassels were
fraying at the end and the thread was just coming apart! This is just so sad :(
I loved this top. It also left a small hole, which is somewhat typical of polyester,
but after ONE wash!? ridiculous! The only way to fix this is to do a small knot
at the end of ever single tassel hanging... >< which I will try my best to do,
but this is upsetting...)

I fell in love with this floral fringe/tasseled top the first time I saw it on the F21 website!
I was hoping it would go on sale, but it never did for over a month... about 1-2 weeks
ago, they were having a Buy 1 Get 1 sale and this top was in that section!!! I was afraid
it would be too big for me, according to the measurements. I'm quite petite and I was
also worried about the quality. I'm happy I got it... for free! (technically =p) It was around
$33 before the sale and went down to $22 :) I'm happy with the quality and even though
it is a bit over sized, it looks fine when belted :) I love the colours and the print! :)

I'll be posting up a new nail design tomorrow! :)

For lunch, I made myself an omelette with turkey breast ham sandwich :)
Sprinkled some cinnamon and Parmesan on top :) yummy!

Hope most of you had a nice Thanksgiving :)
Canada is also having a Black Friday sale today,
but it can never compare to the one in the States >>

Monday, November 21, 2011

Quo Blue Lagoon Mineral Eye Duo

Shoppers Drug Mart was having a 20x the points sale this past Saturday!
Well, of course being me... I have been waiting for this sale to get some
necessities, as well as some things I have been wanting to try :)

I have been looking for a natural blue/aqua pressed eyeshadow for the
longest time! It's really quite hard and I stumbled across the Quo Minerals
line at Shoppers the week before. I was shocked because I didn't even
know that they had a mineral makeup line! I was glancing at the eyeshadows
and I saw this beautiful shade of blue and gold, glittery dark olive green.
Then I read, 'Mineral Eyeshadow' and fell in love! =p

The case is quite sturdy and there is no way this will pop open in your
purse or anywhere, for that matter. You can open 1 or 2 of the eyeshadows
at the same time, because they both have their own compartments, along
with a handy little mirror (it's actually quite good and not blurry).

It comes with a double ended sponge applicator, which has a rounded side
and a slightly pointed tip side for lining the eyes :) I'm a fan of sponge
applicators and I use them all the time, so nothing negative to say about them :)

The eyeshadows themselves are quite pigmented and I'm really loving this
shade of blue! very pretty. I took a few photos because it can look slightly
different according to the light :)

This retails for $20, but there was a 15% off sale on Quo eye products.
I paid $17 and Quo will always be having sales, so look out for them!

Ingredients: Ethylhexl Palmitate, Zinc Stearate, Kaolin, Sodium Dehydroacetate,
Tocopherol, Phenoxyethanol, Ascorbyl Palmitate

*Notice the 'PRODUCT OF USA', on the back of the packaging.
I thought Quo was a Canadian brand! I'm confused -.-

I'm very subtle with makeup, so I will mainly be using these to line
my eyes... I can't say much about the staying power, just because I
rarely ever wear eyeshadow all over my lid. I like to buy eyeshadows
because I have the option of using them anyway I want :)

and I have been looking for a toilet odour eliminator for when I use
public washrooms >> haha very random but I found the Just a Drop
at Shoppers and decided to try it out :) no one likes to use a stinky restroom >>

Friday, November 18, 2011

Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal

I've only had oatmeal twice in the past but recently I've been addicted
to eating it for breakfast. It's healthy, fast, easy, and delicious :)
I'm currently liking the Maple & Brown Sugar flavour, but I would
love to try the Apple & Cinnamon! :) I'm thinking of buying just the
oats and adding my own flavours :) do you guys like oatmeal?

I hope my friend doesn't see this >>
I bought this card online from Forever21... I couldn't resist!
It's too cute and I thought of my friend right away lol. She
likes to bake and we're technically 'food buddies' because we
always go out to new places to eat whenever we see eachother :)
I thought the crowns were chef hats -.-

Since I didn't do a Treasure Find post yesterday, I decided to include it in this post :)
If you like to bake or love to eat pie, you might like this awesome baking pan!
I like having a choice of two different flavours of pie. You can also take out the
divider if you want the pie as a whole :)

Looking at these photos already make me hungry for pie -.-

You can purchase this pan from THE SPOON SISTERS :)
It's very affordable at only $17.95!
Unfortunately, they only ship to the United States :(

Monday, November 14, 2011


This is yet another random post ><
I was working at the National Women's show the past 3 days
and I received some samples yesterday night before leaving.
One of which was the Nina Ricci L'Air perfume sample :)
I don't wear perfume, but whenever I get perfume samples,
I always find the need to express my opinion about it lol

Top Notes (Freesia, Honeysuckle, Violet Leaves)
Middle Notes (Magnolia, Jasmine sambac, Bulgarian rose)
Base Notes (Palisander wood, Patchouli)

At first, the smell is very light and pleasant... but after a few
minutes, my nose couldn't really stand the smell. The scent
does dry down a bit and becomes less pungent. It's a nice
clean, floral scent. I won't be wearing this everyday, but I
might wear it again on a cold night out :) I would say that
it is a light, subtle scent when worn for over an hour or two.

and my outfits for this past Saturday and Sunday :)
#1 grey shirt (Stitches). pink blouse&jeans (Zipia)  #2 shirt&cardigan (Zipia). skirt (Urban Planet). leggings (unknown)

yumm, this is what I made myself for breakfast this morning :)
I'm someone who will wake up earlier just to have breakfast =p

I made a banana sliced, peanut butter sandwich with 2 slices of
toasted black sesame bread. Then I added some grapes I found
in the fridge... and some triscuits (I received a free box at the
show I was working at lol) :) it's flavoured with cheddar and herbs :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Pumpkin Spice & Bows

I know some of you look forward to my nail designs :)
and I'm very happy to know that! I've been wanting to
do some bow designs, so here it is :)

Base: Sally Hansen Green Tea & Olive Base Coat
Colour: OPI 'Pros & Bronze'
Design: Konad M59
Top: Konad top coat

The OPI 'Pros & Bronze' polish was kind of horrid to use ><
I painted 3 coats and the worst part was waiting for it to dry...
I thought it would dry a lot quicker because of the light shimmers
but it ended up clumping a bit at the end... it felt like it took forever
to dry >< the colour is lovely though, but I wouldn't use this again >>
The colour reminded me of pumpkin and spices :)

and a small outfit post :) went to work today, quite casual but friendly :)

sweater (Urban Planet). skirt (Zipia). leggings (unknown). jacket (H&M). bag (Zipia). scarf (Ardene)

I am also loving this song at the moment >> Tomorrow by Tablo ft. TaeYang :)
I love Tablo's music. His songs are composed/written by himself and they all
have an in depth meaning to them. He's also a Canadian of Korean descent!
He has a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature and a Master's in Creative Writing.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

100% Pure and little reviews!

My super simple outfit above >>
just something very casual for class :)

Asos Fur Snood . $13.07cad
I've been wanting a faux fur stool or scarf for a while
and Asos had this particular faux fur snood on sale! It
looked cute on the model, so I decided to get it. It's
quite massive in person lol =p I had to wear it to show
you how it looks because taking a photo of it by itself
looked flat and awkward ><

I recently purchased a few things from 100% Pure because
they had a $50 or over Free Shipping :) I needed a new toner
and I liked their Hydrating Tonique. It really does help to keep
my skin somewhat clear throughout the month.

I wanted to try their Purity Cleanser + Mask and compare it to
the Naruko Acne Clay Cleanser. They have the same concept
where you can either use it as a mask or as a daily cleanser.

I have been eying at their Seaweed Facial Mask! I know that skincare
products that contain a fair amount of algae or kelp helps to improve
the skin's texture and balances the oil. Plus, it's light green! :) All you
have to do is mix it with water or yogurt to create a paste :) yum.

My hair is always frizzy, especially during the winter >< 100% Pure
offers hair care products as well, so I decided to try their Glossy Locks
Smooth & Moisture Hair Balm :) it works quite well and is very light.
I don't feel it on my hair at all and it's not greasy!

Ok I kind of have a negative comment for the 100% Pure Mascara (mini).
First off, I never wear mascara so I can't really compare it to other brands
but I have used other brands in the past. This mascara has a dry formula,
and is supposed to help hold the lashes better especially if you have shorter
eyelashes. I personally have neither short or long lashes... I'm quite happy
with the length of my lashes to be honest. I'll make a list of the Pros/Cons:
- smells like blueberries (literally!)
- lengthens the lashes
- separates the lashes
- pigmented
- holds the curl, but not for the whole day
- doesn't sting my eyes within' an hour
(this is why I don't wear mascara because they sting my eyes ><)
- dry formula (not for everyone)
- clumps a tiny tiny bit near the tips of the lashes
- a bit messy to use when applying... it somehow transfers
onto my lid, no matter how much I tilt my head up or down ><
- brush may be a bit too big
- doesn't hold the curl for the whole day

So it was the week of Halloween when I made my order and
you get a full size Dark Chocolate Syrup Bubble Bath with
a purchase of $75+. I'm planning on giving this as a gift just
because I never take bubble baths at home and honestly... who
wouldn't want a dark chocolate bubble bath!? yummy =p

OOOH and I was one of the winners for one of their facebook contests!
I'm not sure what I won though lol =p I think blotting sheets :) yay!

Oops, almost forgot the TREASURE FIND of the week!

I am always on the lookout for natural fragrances and I stumbled upon
2 lovely sellers on Etsy who have lovely light fruit/citrus fragrances.
I don't wear perfume and if I do, I like it to be very subtle and light.
I'm not a huge fan of florals or anything powdery. I do like a tinge of
Jasmine and _______ (can't remember the flower -.-).

I am still on the hunt for the Body Shop's Satsuma Perfume oil dupe!

Does 'Pink Watermelon', 'Mermaid Kisses', 'Vanilla Hazelnut',
'Honeymoon Romance', and 'White Tea & Linen' sound wonderful
to you? then check out these 2 lovely sellers! :D

ElloPoppetBeauty                                                              Etiquettes

I'll try not to introduce another Etsy seller next week =p
It's just too addicting >>

and I am very sorry for the super massive, clustered post ><

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

SALES and gift ideas o_o

Okay, so I kind of felt like making a post about some nice online sales! is giving a faux snake skin tote bag with purchases of $75+
and I must say that the tote bag resembles the lovely bag on the left :)
You can also receive 15% off of any purchase until November 30th (Paris15) is having an early Black Friday sale!
A 30% off code for all items will be activated on
November 18 GMT (BlackFriday30%) is having a Thanksgiving sale until November 30th
All the brands listed will be available for the 15% off code (THANKS2011)
Beauty Talk, Caudalie, Cuore, Envirosax, FaceQ, Kevin Beautymaker, KOSE, L'egere,
Missha, My Beauty Diary, Naruko, Oshima Tsubaki, Rosebud, Simply Sexylook, SKIN 79,
SK-II, Kameria, Shiseido D Program, St. Clare, Vitacreme B12, Yu-Be

Aldo is having an extra 30% off on their clearance boots!

If you're looking for some random fun gifts, 'I Want One of Those' is a website
that sells gadgets and unusual gifts for anyone including your dad, sister, or uncle :)

Kiss and Makeup New York is having a sale on some of the
discontinued makeup items from Nars.

H&M is currently having a BOGO sale for a variety of their
selected sweaters! (in Canada, not sure about others)

pai Skincare is offering some nice Christmas gift sets!
At $25, you can get a body cream and bath salt (full sizes!)

100% Pure have weekly specials all the time and usually have great
free shipping deals during special occasions. Subscribe to their newsletter!

If you know anyone who has an interest in beer and cocktails, then you
might want to check out KegWorks! great for hosting parties as well!
They also have Chocolate shot glasses! yum =p

For all the Japanese fun stuff, check out Strapya World!
You can definitely find some amazing, unique, random gifts here :)

I will be updating this page tomorrow! :)

and seriously, if you want to make Christmas shopping easier, you guys
need to check out HELISHOPTER! you can check out my page here :)
It's basically a website that allows you to add what you like, might want
to buy, things you already have into categories/lists. You can share this
with family and friends as well! I am addicted to this website! :)

Saturday, November 05, 2011

The Girl From The Future

Base: Sally Hansen Green Tea & Olive base coat
Colours: Nubar 'Twilight Kiss'(purple), China Glaze 'Millenium'(silver)
Design: Konad M65
Glitter: CM silver glitter
Top: Konad top coat

I love how this design turned out. I started off using tape to paint half my nails, but
then I realized it was easier to just do it free hand >< so yah... I painted my nails
free hand and then stamped on a design on 1 side :D

might do an outfit post tonight... might =\

Thursday, November 03, 2011

TREASURE find Thursdays!

Every Thursday, I will try to post up something I find worth checking out :)
This week, I was searching for some mineral eyeshadows and came across
this lovely seller on Etsy called LoveHues! :) What really caught my eye were
the unique shade of colours! I am thinking of purchasing the ones above myself!

I'm a huge fan of opalescent shades and her eyeshadows look amazing!
The names of her eyeshadows are also quite lovely and suitable :)

Check out her Etsy shop here :)
The mineral eyeshadows are about $6 USD each, but you can get samples as well!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Olive Glittery Goodness

Base: Sally Hansen Green Tea & Olive base coat
Colour: China Glaze 'It's Alive' (I love this colour!)
Top: Priti Polish top coat

I didn't do any designs on my nails this week :)
Sometimes, the colour is all you need! and glitter :)

Every year during Halloween, I am bound to get my hands
on some candy =p what are your favourites?
I enjoy skittles, starbursts, tootsie rolls, cheetos, etc =p

and Happy Halloween to all of you who celebrate it! :)
remember to be safe and don't follow strangers! =p

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