Friday, February 24, 2017

Surviving Menstrual Cramps ♡

I know many of us suffer from these painful cramps :(
I was one of them, but I have learned how to make them subside quickly.
I have also learned how to prevent them from happening, as severely as they used to.

All of this information is based on what I have learned and know from
studying holistic nutrition. It may not work for everyone, but it could work for you!
Please do your research and consult a professional for any of my supplement recommendations.

Eliminating sugar, refined foods, and dairy is important, as these will aggravate
the symptoms further. It is best to avoid these foods at least 1 week before
and during your period. But if you can avoid them altogether, forever, then that
would be even better :D Drink lots of filtered water! It's true that water is good for you.

If you don't have a very "healthy" diet, meaning an abundance of dark leafy greens,
whole grains, nuts (good fats), etc., then you may want to consider taking a magnesium
supplement. Make sure the supplement has some source of natural/organic calcium with it,
or the magnesium will not be properly utilized in your body = wasting money :)

I only take the magnesium when I feel cramping or know that I will get cramps.
Only you will know your body, more than anyone else!

I would recommend MegaFood's Magnesium, since they have organic spinach as
the synergistic source for the magnesium.
What is magnesium good for?
Well, it's an essential mineral to your body and without it, I'm not quite sure how
you would really function. It helps to maintain nerve, muscle function, supports the
immune system, supports heart function, maintain bone density, regulates blood glucose levels,
and helps the production of energy and protein. Magnesium is also known to be a calming
mineral, so some people like to take it before bedtime. It helps to relax the muscles.

Foods high in magnesium include:
*To get the full benefits of these foods, eating them organic is preferred*
raw spinach or cooked swiss chard
 squash or pumpkin seeds
 soy beans
brown rice
bananas, figs
♡ 70%+ dark chocolate

I honestly don't get cramps anymore and in a way it's amazing, but at the same time,
it's what I depended on for knowing when I'll be getting my period. The first day or two
will always be a little uncomfortable, but at least I don't feel pain anymore.

About 70% of what I eat is organic, and I make sure there are no refined sugars in my meals.
I have noticed a huge difference, ever since I changed my food choices.

♡ REAL Essential Oils!! ♡
Yes, I find that applying the right essential oils help with my cramps!
They're truly amazing and work in less than a few minutes.
A blend of clary sage, peppermint, lavender, rosemary, bergamot, ylang ylang,
patchouli, and cinnamon has helped me personally. Your blend may slightly differ
or even be the same! I personally do not use diluted oils because I know my skin and
body is perfectly fine with the concentration of these oils. Please be careful when applying
the pure form of essential oils to your skin, as some people may be sensitive. Do a small test patch!

But of course, you know yourself better than me :)

How I use them?
My essential oil blend is made by a lovely classmate of mine, custom made for me :p
If I feel a little uncomfortable in the abdominal area, I roll on the essential oil blend
directly onto the area between my pelvis and abdomen area. Then I use my hand to rub it in.

You will definitely feel a cooling sensation and then a warming sensation.

For those who get acne before/during your period, I found drinking dandelion tea really
helps with clearing up the skin! I am currently drinking Traditional Medicinals Everyday Detox
in the Dandelion formula, not the Lemon. Make sure you get the Dandelion :) I only drink this
maybe a few times a month? I usually get deep pimples before my period, but now I notice
only small ones, which can easily be healed.

Why Dandelion??
Dandelion is a great herb/flower that is great for detoxing the liver and kidneys.
Your liver helps to eliminate toxins from the body, so you want a healthy liver!
The liver has many functions, not just that. If you want me to write a post regarding
the liver, feel free to let me know :)

I will make another post regarding how I treat my acne, naturally :p
I hope some of this information was helpful!
Have a lovely weekend! ♡

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