Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October Glymm box

So, I said I wouldn't get another Glymm box, but I didn't know
I would be automatically charged every month, unless I cancel
the membership -.- so this will be my last box for the year!

I was happy to receive the box though! :) this month's box was
perfect for me. It came with 2 full size products (the Principessa
Lip Balm $11 and the Lise Watier Lip Kiss crayon Gloss $18)!
It also came with a Principessa foot balm, which I was in need of!
and a Caudalie Premier Cru Cream, which was a nice little touch.
Of course, they added in their awesome jelly beans! yum =p

I've been using the Principessa lip balm and foot balm every day!
Both of them have a slightly sweet scent, but works quite well :)

I will definitely be getting a box for my birthday next year :)
You can also buy 3 month gift subscriptions for a friend!

This is really random, but I've been meaning to purchase some
nice coloured pens for note taking/agenda etc. I like searching on
eBay for unique finds and things from South Korea. Most of them
tend to give you an extra small gift for buying from them and this
seller gave me 2 lovely postcards by a Korean illustrator named,
Kim Ji Hyuck :) I'm a big fan of anything Pippi Longstocking so... <3

I like to write with thin point pens, so I bought the .38mm Jelly pens :)
They work wonderfully! and nothing like Gel pens... more like ink

You can purchase the pens here :)


  1. I'm REALLY in love with that Pippy Longstocking picture. Really. I love really good pens, too!

  2. Kelley: I'm in love too! =p

  3. That's a generous box of samples, I like that they have full-size products.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. This is a really cute post:)

  5. Marie: yah I was surprised they put in 2!
    Seventh of July: thank you :)

  6. oOOh same here, I love super super fine pens! The Glymm box has pretty good surprises!

  7. the box looks nice! our gel phone looks really cute!

  8. Mishi: they just look better on paper! =p
    Nic Nic: lol I think you meant gel pens =p

  9. ooh I want to buy the pen, thanks for mentioning the link XD~~~

  10. awesome blog! the pens look really nice to use :)

  11. s2danii: thank you! and they are! :)

  12. Such cute fine pens!! The glymm box looks great! I like the sound of the lip crayon!


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