Tuesday, June 27, 2017

My Favourite Restaurants in Toronto ♡

In alphabetical order!
I can't rank them, because they each have their own charm :)
I left a hyperlink to each restaurant, so click away~

$$ moderate     $$$ expensive

Cafe Belong
This cafe/restaurant is located at the beautiful Evergreen Brickworks market/park.
The best time to go is during the weekends in the spring/summer, when they have the
farmer's market. You can also hike up the hills and get a great view of the CN Tower and
the city. Many people walk their dogs in this area. You will also find many families here.
This is also a great place for dates, hanging out with friends, or just having a stroll by yourself.

$$$ 💐 550 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON. M4W 3X8

Hibiscus Cafe
This small cafe uses organic ingredients, while using sustainable materials.
Their salad is colourful, flavourful and nutritious! This is also a vegan cafe
and yes, they serve vegan cheese with their crepes :) It's located at the Kensington
Market, so there is a lot to see in the area. There is also an organic grocery store nearby.
There's usually a 15 minute wait time, just because the place is kind of small.

$$ 🌺 238 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON. M5T 2L7

One Love Vegetarian 
This small take-out/dine-in restaurant offers delicious vegan/vegetarian, Caribbean
food. They have a fairly small menu, but everything is delicious and very flavourful!
It's a very small place. There is a communal table and a couple of seats on the side.

$$ 🍌 854 Bathurst St., Toronto, ON. M5R 3G2


This restaurant is known for their sourdough, as well as cooking with local ingredients.
Their menu changes by the season and most importantly, the food is delicious!
It's also more expensive, so it's nice to eat here on special occasions. I also love the
ambience of this place. They have an open kitchen and the lighting is dim, but during
the summer time, the natural light coming in through the large window is beautiful!
You will always find something new on the menu, but once it's gone... it's gone.

$$$ 🌿 293 Palmerston Ave., Toronto, ON. M6J 2J3



 Bar Ape 
Okay, this is not a restaurant but my favourite vegan-friendly gelato shop!
They have the best flavours in the city. No doubt. Peach bourbon? calamansi?
Yes, those are some of their flavours. The best part is... they have a new flavour
pretty much every week. You can follow them on Instagram to find out more.
Sometimes, they have vegan soft serve or gelato bars! :p

$$ 🍧 283 Rushton Rd., Toronto, ON. M6C 2X6

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