Saturday, July 21, 2012

New phone case & charm

I've always wanted one of these limited edition Coca-Cola bottles :p
The expiration date happens to be on my birthday as well lol
Ric was kind enough to go get these for me even though it was kind
of awkward for him. He was paying for the bottles and the lady was
about to open them, but he was like "nooo" XD

Meet my new phone case and star charm :D
You can get the phone case HERE :) They have other colours as well :)
The little bear is named Patchy... it's very old as you can tell :p


  1. Your bear reminds me of Pooh Bear! Cute phone case btw!

  2. cool charm!! and cute phone case!!

  3. cute :3 and case!
    and i've never seen those limited edition bottles :o

  4. How awesome are those bottles?!:D

    - Marie

  5. waah it's been ages since I checked your blog out :O Anyway cute iphone case!


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