Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Gift from Gina Heart!

I was searching around YouTube one day, and discovered Gina Heart!
I love her attitude and spirit towards a healthy lifestyle and hope that
she could gain more subscribers! I think she deserves it! :)

I subscribed to her and left comments on her videos. Then one day
she replied to me and emailed me back! She offered to mail me one
of her handmade flower earrings! She is very sweet!

The earrings are made from real dried flower petals! so beautiful ♡
She also added real Swarovski crystals to my earrings ♡
If you guys would like a pair, you can contact Gina at "ginaheartlifestyle@gmail.com"
She plans to sell these earrings soon, so please support her!
All the earrings will be unique because the flower petals are different :)

She even wrote a lovely thank you letter to me. It was a very sincere and long letter :)

This is a video of how she makes these beautiful earrings/accessories! :) and this is actually the first video I saw from her channel, because I was
researching about the different types of glass water bottles, haha :p


  1. The earrings look so cute!
    I hope she becomes more popular on youtube!
    I love your blog, followed :)



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