Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Current Favourites ♡

So guys, how do you like my new back drop for my photos? haha
I recently bought a new rug from Ikea and it looks like grass, I love it :)

Left to right

1. Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink Lipstick (#2 Pink Wink)
This lipstick has been a favourite for a while now, but I've been picking it up
more recently. I have dry lips all season round, but this is the only lipstick that
actually keeps my lips somewhat moisturized and keeps them looking balmy.
I love the slight peachy coral shade as well, super pretty! :p

2. Sula Lip Gloss (Secret Crush)
I got this lip gloss as a gift and it's a natural beauty product :) I love the scent of
this... it reminds me of starbursts or candy canes. It gives a nice red/berry tint to
your lips and I love the smooth texture of this gloss. It feels more like a tinted balm.
I'm usually not a fan of lip glosses, because they're either too sticky or don't last.

3. Missha Color Setting Brow Mascara (#1 Cacao Brown)
They also have a lighter brown shade. I use the darker brown to set my eyebrows
and to give them a subtle tint. They keep my brows in place and make them look
slightly fuller. It's very natural and stays on all day, even in the snow and rain :)
I find that my brows look more polished/well groomed when using this.

4. Innisfree Mineral Shading (#8 Choco)
I've been using this to do some small contouring around my jawline, forehead,
and a bit for my nose :p I only use this on days where I feel like making up? :)
I love how subtle and natural it looks. I just use a small blending/eyeshadow
brush with it, and the pigmentation is easy to control.

and tea! I'm liking this Love Me Truly tea by the brand, Clipper.
It smells very lovely, lots of cinnamon, ginger root, orange peel.
I thought there were roses in this tea at first, it really smells like
a combination of cinnamon and roses though, it's beautiful :)

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