Saturday, March 29, 2014

Skinfood Rose Essence Cream Blush

I recently bought quite a bit of Korean makeup... :D
I do have some other favourites, but I'll take my time sharing them because I haven't been
in the mood to photograph everything. I've been getting busy and I have to be in the mood
to blog, so the posts might come later in the spring/summer >> I tried to do a video, but failed :p

This rose essence cream blusher is very creamy and is quite long lasting.
It does have an apparent rose scent, and I'm not a huge rose scent lover, but I don't mind it.

This is in the shade AQUA ROSE and it's a pretty bright pink.
I find it very pigmented but quite easy to blend.

I love the packaging, it's convenient to carry around and it's beautiful :)

I bought this blusher at for about $10
I've bought other things from Jolse as well, but I'll share that in another post :)

and my current nail design :D I thought it would go well with this post :p

Hope you're all having a nice weekend so far :)

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