Sunday, September 20, 2015

Product Fail ~ Gel Polish Soak-Off Clips

I do my nails with gel polish every 2 weeks or so and I usually remove them
by soaking my nails with cotton, wrapped in aluminum foil. I saw these
soak-off clips for removing gel polish and it looked like a great idea... maybe
I could be eco-friendly and buy something reusable... but nope.

I do not recommend these clips.

Because they are not suited for everyone.
If you have slim fingers and smaller nails, like me, then these will
definitely not work for you. The clip wasn't able to close all the way
on some of my nails because my nail/finger was too small.

I also feel that the clip isn't completely enclosed onto the finger tip,
so it is exposed to oxygen, making it less effective to soak off the gel.

I bought these clips here.
I love Cosmetic Love though. They have great prices and some of the
latest Korean beauty products/tools. They also offer free shipping, which
is great :) definitely check out the other products from their website!

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