Wednesday, May 04, 2011


"50% of the net profit from the sale of our charms goes directly to our cause partners. Altruette’s partners include established national non-profits as well as smaller groups with talented leaders and ambitious plans to change the world." - Altruette

I think is is a more fashionable way to show that you care for a certain cause, foundation, association, and what not. I know many organizations are constantly wanting to spread the word of certain issues around the world through clothing and accessories.

1-2 months ago, my dad was talking to me about how some organizations spend their money on useless things to thank him for donating money. He received envelopes and stationary letters from an organization for donating money for a certain cause (I believe it was for cancer research). He was not happy to receive them because he thought that his money was going towards a good cause and not on useless pieces of paper he was not going to use (he gave them to me). I can understand his point of view because when an organization starts to put in so much effort on thanking people by giving them useless things, the money could have gone to the research itself.

I know we need to promote certain causes and find appealing ways for people to pay attention to these issues we have in the world. I like that Altruette is putting 50% of their profit towards the organization(s) you choose to buy a charm for. Their charms are also made from recycled silver and gold.


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