Thursday, June 23, 2011

I love it... but why!?

I was at Shoppers earlier to pick up a mosquito repellent and I went into the makeup section of the store... which I really shouldn't have in the first place -.-

I saw this trio eyeshadow by Annabelle and fell in love. Then I read the ingredients and it was made with a bunch of unnecessary amount of junk and chemicals that is not good for the skin. I LOVE the shades (trio called 'Blue Hue') and I was going to purchase it, but I just put it back ><

Then I noticed the Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks on sale for $5.99! and I fell in love with the shade 'Prim Rose' and from their Moondrops line, 'Persian Melon' and 'Blase Apricot' <3 I didn't buy them though... even though I think I should have... I really have until tomorrow to decide >< sale ends tomorrow!

Sometimes I ask myself, I'm only living for a period of time... and these products have been around for so many years. Am I really overreacting about the ingredients? should I just buy what I like in store without really caring how they are made or what they are made out of?

But by not buying these products, am I really making a difference? because in my mind, I believe that if we don't support these products, we are making a difference and trying to be aware of what we are potentially doing to the environment.


  1. prim rose is such a beautiful shade!

    i actually don't read the ingredients when i buy makeup... maybe i should start doing that?

    <3, Mimi

  2. i think as long as you are carefull with wt you put on your face is good~~~and if you don buy it, maybe someone else wont but it too~~~but it still counts~~~


  3. I think we don't know how our life will be,but as long as we live,we should try the best to keep it healthy.Nothing's good that come from products with bad ingredients.True we may get the color payoff,but it has no benefit at all to our health.Not to mention its long time effect.

    I did have the same question like yours back then,but now I don't.I'm just trying my best to keep me healthy.That's all :)


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