Friday, July 02, 2010

The Body Shop sale

The body shop has been having this summer sale for a while now... I never buy anything when I go in >< this is the first time I bought something for myself from them =p I went in to look at their body scrubs and a lovely lady named Carrie introduced me to the products and their 3 for $30 sale. Out of all the scrubs, I liked the scent of the Brazil Nut the most... it's subtle and pleasant =] the other scents were either strong or didn't smell as nice =] The Japanese cherry blossom shower gel is a gift for a friend =]

I also got the Peppermint foot scrub and lotion because I seriously need to take care of my poor feet >< lol I've been looking for a foot scrub the past 2 months so I'm glad I got this... I also got the foot spoon =] haha to help with scrubbing those rough, dry places >< and my feet are like... dead dry and rough... no joke lol and the foot lotion is actually light pink XD how cute is that =] it smells so good ahh >< I can't stop smelling the Brazil nut and the Foot lotion lol the Foot scrub is nice too but there's something about the Foot lotion... there is a subtle scent to it <3

and here is some yum yums for you guys to look at =] I already finished it lol =]

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