Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pony Brown

I am in love with this character from Korea =p I believe her name is Pony Brown but I'm not sure why they called her that >> cute though =p I love drawing her as well (I drew her on both pictures =p) I also ordered these stamps on eBay with her on them... they're so adorable. I'll make a post when I get them in the mail =] can't wait.

and this is what I had for dinner... =] yum


  1. According to the creative pair Mrs. Lee the owner and Mr. Oh the designer, the name PONY BROWN is not the name of the character at all, it came from Mr. Oh’s birth year zodiac as a horse thus PONY and his love of brown color.

    Although there’s no name for the main character, it’s usually called “Mylipu” (short for “My Little Pu”, “Pu” means friend in Korean)

    1. Interesting! never knew that, thanks for commenting :)


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