Monday, June 27, 2011

A Good Read

Indigo is having a buy 3 get 1 sale on all of their books and magazines until July 4th! these are just some of my picks, I read the first few pages... tiny bit of the middle to get a feel of each book. If I am not feeling for it, I don't usually buy it. All these books were on sale from $4-7 max! and I get 1 for free, hehe :) I picked out 2 non-fiction and 2 fiction :)

new H&M magazine, yay :) I love them.

I have never purchased anything from Zara before but I was looking through their basics and found this simple white tank top. It's made from a nice material and the top portion is lined and I really love that because I have been looking for a white tank top that isn't see through! I also picked up a black tank top made from the same material but with thin straps. I tried it on and really liked how it looked and fit. I don't think these were on sale but they were around $11-15 :) I think they were a good purchase and will last me for many years!

and here is my outfit for my little lonely shopping adventure >> I was mainly supposed to get something from The Body Shop, but they were sold out of what I wanted -.- so I'll go to another location tomorrow :) I also picked up a navy pleated skirt at H&M on sale for $10 :)

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  1. cant wait to see the midi skirt on you!


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