Sunday, August 21, 2011

A good dose of Salmon

I really do enjoy eating salmon, whether it is raw, baked, cooked, or grilled :)

- contains omega 3 (a healthy type of fat that is good for the skin)
- helps to support joint cartilages, improve insulin (helps to regulate metabolism),
and control inflammation in the digestive system
- contain acids that helps to support our cells and heart
- delicious :)

Do you enjoy eating salmon? what is your favourite dish!?
I personally love sashimi, grilled salmon with veges, and a nice salmon burger!!! =p

and here are some random nail designs :) I'm working at a show for 2 weeks and this
is a nice way to show customers what you can do with the Konad stamping nail art!


  1. i love love love salmon! i can eat it everyday! :)

    <3, Mimi

  2. Salmon is the shizz! I always find that my skin looks better when I eat a lot of it! Sad it's so expensive though.

    Btw, really really pretty nails! I never find time to do mine, and when I do I always mess it up.

  3. elin: Hi Elin! thank you :)
    I just checked out your blogs and followed =p
    I would love to visit Sweden one day!

  4. Andela: thank you :)
    Mimi: same =p

  5. SALMON!!! gimme some :P

    now you've made me crave for sushi haha

  6. I love salmon too~ cooked or raw it doesn't matter ^^ oh and the nail art is crazy!! you are so talented!

  7. I can never get sick of salmon!:D

    Fun nails, I like the black one.:D

    ***** Marie *****
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