Tuesday, August 02, 2011

New York, New York

sorry for the lack of posts! I have been in New York
for the past few days and just came back today! :)

(edit. August 2)

Welcome to Coney Island! :)

Central Park :)

Rockefeller Center

We wanted to go into this awesome lego store but it opens at 11 and we had to leave there at 11... -.-

I don't drink... my significant other does :) we had a salmon wrap at a restaurant called Seqouia?
at the South seaport and we had a nice view of the Brooklyn bridge... which the photo does not
show... shame -.- you can see a faded part of the bridge in the background :)

My first time riding the New York Subway. I like their subway system, just not their subway seats...
I can't sit still for more than 10min. because it HURTS my butt lol and I had to sit for an hour to get
to Coney Island ._. poor butt. It was easy to get around though. It was confusing at first looking at
the map, but once you go into the station, it's pretty easy to figure out where everything is... that is...
if you have taken any public transportation in your life before ;p

I got myself a pair of sandals from Aldo :)

PICTURE OVERLOAD! guess I could have put that at the top lol ._.


  1. OMG you went to NY! Can't wait to see more pics~ I tagged you btw ^^

  2. Amy:
    yah ;p I wish I could have stayed longer!
    and thanks for the tag! :)


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