Friday, June 08, 2012

An Orange Bag

I did it... I bought another bag >< tsk tsk
I went into Winners, and it seemed pretty empty so I wasn't expecting to find anything.
I looked into the Handbag section and noticed a few lovely tote bags but was a bit over
my current budget >> (I should really set a monthly budget). I stumbled upon this lovely
orange, sturdy, and structured bag and fell in love! well maybe not completely in love at
first because it was orange after all... >> I didn't have anything this colour and it was the
perfect size to travel around with. I looked at the price; $30 and then I couldn't put it down :p

I like how it's not super bright orange though...
it's more of a rustic orange if you know what I mean :p

So this is what happened... I now own it >>

I must say... making these videos are kind of fun lol :p


  1. Oooh! Great bag! The colour is fab and I love the structured look! x
    ps, the price doesn't hurt either ;)

  2. gorgoues orange bag! the colour is just awesome.. it's perfect for summer!

  3. I love your bag!! I feel like I should buy more colored bags...I wear too many dark colors so a colored bag is perfect !

    I just love both the color & structure of your bag :)


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