Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Things I want from eBay ;)

Finally decided to make this post ;) I can spend hours on eBay hunting down for the most
random things. Sometimes I come across amazing stuff, like the things I'm about to show
you :) I have a ton of stuff on my wish list, but here are some of the more recent things I
am wanting! :p These will be great gifts as well :) Links below the photos and prices are
approximate! shipping to your country may also change, so I didn't include that >>

___________________________________________________________ star plugger ($2) ☆ purple bow plugger ($9)
I've been seeing these earphone pluggers/stoppers a lot lately. Maybe it's more of an Eastern
Asian trend/fad? I find them rather cute and because I never use my earphones, these will give
my phone a nice little touch of cuteness/prettiness :p

__________________________________________________________ cat phone case ($7) ☆ melting phone case ($6)
Okay, I love these cases. They are adorable :p The ears on the cat phone case can help turn your
phone on and off :D I've been wanting the paint/icecream (whatever you prefer melting) case for
a while now, but didn't get it because a friend of mine had the same one for her phone ><
_________________________________________________________________________☆ pen and stylus! ($21)
I've been looking for a stylus for my phone (not sure why... to be honest lol). I came across this
one and instantly fell in love. I'm going to get it... and no one can stop me >> even though it is
kind of overpriced... or is it? >> I think so >< but this has a pen on the other end... nifty ;)

_________________________________________________________ cat print flats ($24) ☆ ponybrown agenda ($12)
Unfortunately, the seller for the flats do not have my shoe size... or maybe a UK size 3 will fit me...
not quite sure as I have pretty small feet >< and I've always wanted a Pony Brown agenda :)

______________________________________________ leaf doorstopper ($5) ☆ clip holder ($5) ☆ pop phone! ($15)
These amazing maple leaf door stoppers are beautiful and would make a lovely gift for those
who just bought a new home! The fun sink paper clip holder will be great for the office ;p and
the phone is kind of like a 'replica' of the POP phone by Native Union, but less expensive ><

_________________________________________________________________________☆ pocket hand mirrors ($3)
These cute little pocket mirrors are small and convenient enough to put in your purse :)

Hope you liked this random post :p should I do more of these? :)


  1. Nice! There aren't any other melted cases in other colours?

    1. ooh there are a lot of other colours :p
      just go to the link below the photo :)

  2. Are you from toronto? They sell a lot of iphone "dust pluggers" at PMall too. I bought a couple in Hong Kong and Thailand, they're pretty useful. Apple people detect water damage through the phone jack so it protect it as well as make the phone look extra cute.


    1. Hi Samantha, yah I know PMall has them :p
      I hope they have ones I will like :) but
      thank you for letting me know :p

  3. everything is soo cute and i would love to own, but sometimes we need to be realistic and ask ourselves do we really need these things and if you will use it often. otherwise you could hint these items as your birthday wishlist ;)


    1. lol yah I really don't need these things :p
      it's nice to get something once in a while that
      is pretty much useless :p but makes you happy :)


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