Monday, November 05, 2012

derma e, Mad Hippie, Thayers

Yay! I finally received my order, after 2 weeks ><
I ran out of my toner and night time serum, so I am very relieved now :p
I'll be doing a review on the glycolic cleanser and the vitamin c serum,
after about 2 months of using them :) I am excited to try these 2 products!
The Thayers rose petal witch hazel toner is now my go-to :)

I also have a personal code where you can save $10 when you spend $40+
on your first order! or $5 off any orders under $40 :p
code: IJI628

They also gave me some little extras:

Just a short little post to share my excitement and the products I purchased :p


  1. Vitamin C serum sounds interesting, must be full of antioxidants :D

    1. It contains 8 active ingredients! :p
      and yep, lots of antioxidants :)

  2. these products look great! i really love my witch hazel toner! :D

    <3, Mimi
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    1. yes, it is definitely a staple! :p

  3. these products look amazing!

    have heard a lot about the witch hazel aloe vera toner!! sounds amazing they're all natural products :)

    1. The toner is great, it contains all the ingredients
      you essentially need in a toner :p and yah I try to
      only use natural skincare products! :)

  4. These look promising, would love to try the rose petal witch hazel toner.:D

    - Marie
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  5. Super great pictures!

    Huge hugs

  6. Great to find another green beauty blogger here!Just followed you:) Pls do the review on mad hippie,looks interesting:)
    *Greetings from Indonesia


    1. Hi Lynn, thank you for following!
      and yay for green beauty bloggers :p
      yah the serum from Mad Hippie has been
      on my wishlist for quite some time and
      it went on sale, so I had to get it :p

    2. You're welcome,PG!->pay gee,right?;)

      I saw that mad hippie on some webs back then and its cute packaging!:) I wonder how it'll work.So pls do the review about it;)..Can't hardly wait :)

  7. I've never heard of either those products but I approve and I'm just a fan of glycolic cleanser, they're awesome ^^
    I'm intrigued about that vitamin C serum, usually the vitamin oxidizes rather quickly for me to give/form a proper feedback
    I'm looking forward for your reviews Peiji!

  8. i love the thayers rose toner. i've gone through 3 bottles already. i recently made an order on iherb for 2 back ups. was it just me or for a few second when i received the little green highlighter i thought it was a usb? ....haha..i also got the same tea sample!! :P


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