Monday, November 05, 2012

Nubar's Caramello

Base: Essie Grow Stronger base coat
Colour: Nubar 'Caramello' (applies like a dream and dries very quickly!!!)
Design: (top) Konad Image plate M79, (below) M57
White Stripe: Konad Image Plate M44
Top: Konad Top Coat

Caramello looks different paired with a lighter design on top:
I prefer the shade of Caramello above :) that rich light caramel shade! :)

Here is my update on some of the Zipia items I am planning to get :)

I made my first order from Silk Naturals yesterday,
so I'm very excited to show you guys what I picked out! :D
I bought a bunch of blush samples and 2 amplified lip glazes! :p

AND I have a question for those of you who order from!
How long does shipping usually take for you?

AND today is the celebration of BoA's 26th birthday!!!
Happy Birthday BoA! I have been a fan since 2002!
'Game' is one of my favourite music videos from her :)


  1. waah I cant beliebe BoA is only 26.. she started out so young didn't she?

    Lovely nails, as always! Zipia is cool but sometimes I think gmarket is cheaper lol

    1. yah very young! I think 10?
      I should check out Gmarket, there's just too
      much to look around on there lol I get so
      overwhelmed ><


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