Friday, February 08, 2013

Valentine's Nail Design

I was inspired to do a little Valentine's Day nail design,
after seeing this photo of Tiffany from SNSD :p

Base: Essie Grow Stronger base coat
Colours: Nubar 'Purple Aster' and OPI 'Significant Other Color'
Designs: Konad image plate M84 (lips), M62 (string of pearls)
Glitter: OPI 'Rainbow Connection'
Top: Konad top coat

I really cannot wait until spring to wear these nude oxford heels!!
I bought them on eBay here :) Shipping was pretty quick too,
considering it was shipped from Taiwan. I wish the heel was a
light brown wooden colour though >< They are the perfect
everyday shoe/heel height ♡

I have so many outfit ideas in my head!


  1. Wow, this nail art is amazing! How much time did it take to do both hands?

    By the way I really like your template, so pretty!

    1. Thanks Yvonne :)
      I think it took me about 45min-an hour...
      I'm not sure because I took my time :p

      It didn't take too long since I only painted
      the tips of my nails :)

  2. Beautiful nails! Very flirty and cute! I love 'em!

    XOXO Terri

  3. I'm virtually giving my lady like hand for you to do a similar art on my nails please!
    Peji I know I'm annoyingly repetitive but you're amazing! Just the patience...
    (ps:do try the garlic tip please I hope it works as good for you, remember the more garlic the smellier, try it on a polish that's finishing or 1 u don't mind loosing, I first started noticing the effects after 3 weeks but mine were in a pretty bad shape yours clearly aren't)

    1. lol, I wouldn't mind doing your nails :p
      yah the garlic tip is interesting, I'll let
      you know when I end up doing it :p


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