Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Base: Essie Grow Stronger base coat
Colour: OPI 'Pirouette My Whistle"
Design: Konad Image Plate M57
Design Colours: Konad Special Polish in white, pink, orange
Top: Konad Top Coat

Well... this is going to be a pretty lame Halloween post >>
I was going to do my nails (Halloween themed of course), but I am not going to make an excuse :p
I'm just not feeling Halloween this year for some reason, not that I ever really have after the age
of 12/15. I think I've only been to a Halloween party once or twice >< I don't dislike Halloween...
not at all, I guess I just don't have enough friends who really celebrate it ><

But I honestly would like to go to a nice Halloween party, where I could dress up and eat
Halloween inspired foods, and watch a not so scary movie :p but still Halloween related >>
If I had my own place, I would definitely go all out and decorate the exterior of my house :p
I remember decorating my Barbie house when it was Halloween when I was younger, haha

My family doesn't do much, we still hand out candy, except this year... my mom decided to
leave some candy out by the door... which kind of defeats the purpose of Halloween ><

I have 2 reviews coming up! I'll be doing a review on the Suki Pure Balancing Day Lotion :)

Here's a cute one for you :p


  1. hi peiji! when i have my own place, i will definitely go all out with halloween decorations too! ;) happy november! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  2. such a cute kitty!! yeah i didnt get into halloween this year either lol. Pretty nails Peiji!

  3. either way Peiji your nail's design is amazing! As usual :P


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