Thursday, February 09, 2012

I am a Zipia Addict.

These are just some of the items I am thinking of getting for the spring/summer.
I honestly don't shop from there all the time, maybe 1-2 times a year along with
many other people to cover up the minimum spending of $300-500.

If I had a full time job, I don't know what would happen honestly XD

I think I started to shop online more often in 2010?
It was probably because of my sudden addiction to eBay, that led me to other things >>
Although, now I try not to buy clothes online because it can be difficult to see the size
and quality of the garment. I think my worst online shopping experience was from
Forever21 and eBay, in terms of buying clothing and accessories. It can be a bit tricky,
but I think I've learned my lesson :p

I believe that shopping in person will save me more money, in the long run.
Unfortunately, I can't quite let go of Zipia just yet, just because I love their styles
and most of their items are made in South Korea. I can easily get pants that fit me
as well, because I am quite petite. Plus, I don't like shopping in person, because I
can be so indecisive... I can literally stay in the store deciding if I should get one item
of clothing for an hour or more. That is why I like to shop alone lol :p


  1. I like to shop alone too! ..Until i discovered online shopping and i like it a lot better. i try to only order from places i know i can return back to store because i dont want to be stuck with something i won't wear.

    i've had horrible experience with ebay on clothes/bags. i'm pretty sure they steal photos from like zipia/other asian fashion websites and counterfeit those styles...

    1. yah a lot of eBay sellers use other people's photos... ><
      so whenever I search for clothes/bags, I tend to search items
      that come from South Korea lol


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