Friday, June 28, 2013

Disappointing Products

Since I'm not feeling so great at the moment, this will be the time to make this post! lol

These are products that haven't worked for me, but they may work for you.
BUT I will explain why they didn't work for me, etc.

Starting from the top left (clockwise):

Etude House Makeup Sponge
This sponge is not as soft as I had imagined... it's actually quite stiff and reminds me of
those wedge sponges you get at the Dollar store. I tried to spray it with water to dampen
it, as well as soaking and wringing out the water with the whole sponge. Neither way
worked with how I wanted for applying my foundation. It was kind of stiff and didn't have
enough of that 'bounce' you want from a makeup sponge. I found that the wedge sponges
from Quo worked so much better than this.

The Face Shop Cherry Blossom Hair Mist
Okay, this is my fault. I don't even know why I bought this because I'm not into fragrances
and why would I need a hair mist... I don't know >< It's one of those products where you
just kind of pick up even though you don't need it at all. I like the scent from the opening of
the spray but it's kind of strong once you spray it. It's supposed to help with the sebum at
the roots of your hair, but I didn't find that it did anything at all.

Vichy Normaderm Anti-Imperfection Concealing stick
I have light skin, so this didn't work for me because the concealer is a bit orange. It might
work with people who have medium skin, or if you have a bit of a tan. It's creamy enough
to blend with your fingers though, so can come in handy, but since this is the only shade they
had for this particular product, I think it's a fail >>

Quo Heated Eyelash Curler
So, I've always wanted to try the Panasonic heated eyelash curlers, so when I saw this at
Shoppers Drug Mart, I was like oh cool. This doesn't work at all. It feels nice against your
lashes because it warms up, but it literally did nothing but warm up my eyelashes.

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  1. yup I also think that vichy stick is rubbish, a little bit too liquid and gluey for me not to mention the color was totally off and they only have 2 colors of it!And it didn't do anything to actually dry out my pimples either, shame on them :P
    I don't know if the panasonic heated eyelash curlers really works or not, ever since I've heard of it I've been a bit skeptical to be honest...the sponge dolls looks way to cute to be so harsh
    Beijinho peji!


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