Saturday, June 01, 2013

Favourite May Etsy Finds ♡

I just wanted to share some of my favourite shops on Etsy!
I think I might do this monthly :p

Handmade backpacks by FYMwear
They are approx. $80-85

These backpacks are so lovely! I love the floral one ♡
Their backpacks are named after different European countries :)
The one on the left is "Finland" and the right is "Holland" (which should be Netherlands lol)

I'm sure some of you know Kani from K is for Kani (her blog) :)
but she also makes beautiful floral head accessories :)
k is for kani Her accessories are about $32+

I think the price is putting me off...
There are other sellers who make similar head pieces as well,
but they're not as intricate/beautiful to look at :)

BagyBags handmade bags/backpacks

These are so cute! They have a laptop compartment too, but it's not really padded >>
They are approx. $95. They also sell totes and other bags for $40+

Illuminated Perfume sells... yep, you guessed it :) perfume!
But what's so special? the reusable locket packaging! :)
They are eco-friendly/natural perfumes :)

They are approx. $85, but they also sell samples(picture on the right)!

That's all for now :) I will share some more at the end of June :)
Have a great weekend! I will most likely be doing a nail design post tomorrow :)


  1. I love browsing Etsy and find so many cute things, but I hardly ever buy anything because most things are quite expensive. I love these items though!

    1. I agree! but they usually make a great/unique gift :)
      I like to know that I am supporting someone and not a huge corporation,
      where things are mass produced. We can always save up for what we want :p


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