Monday, August 05, 2013

Ylin Colour Changing Polish!

I was able to choose an item to try out from Born Pretty Store!
I really enjoy browsing through their website because of the variety of items that they sell.
Everything is very affordable and reasonably priced! I love their nail art section and their
iPhone cases section :p They also have clothing, DIY items, and many more on their site.

☆ Barely any scent from the polish
☆ Great for children!
☆ Easy to take off
☆ Dries pretty quickly
☆ Awesome ombre effect on the nails (probably for longer nails)

☆ Doesn't last very long on the nails
☆ Doesn't always go on very even (you can tell in the photos)

You can get a variety of different colours here :)
They are priced at $7.84/bottle :)

I have a coupon code for 10% off, you can use on the website! PEJW10
I'm not sponsored by the company/website, but they offered a code
and who doesn't want a discount? :p They also offer free shipping!

Hot/warm = blue, Cool = purple

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