Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Bkr in Chip ♡

I've been wanting a Bkr water bottle for probably over a year now ><
Honestly, I couldn't decide on a colour and I wasn't planning on getting more than one.
But then the Spring 2013 collection came out and I fell in love with the colours!
I couldn't decide between Chip and Fluff, but I ended up getting Chip and I'm in love! :)

The silicone sleeve does attract a bit of dust, but it's no big deal :)
I love drinking from it... it's like a fashion accessory :p haha

The bottle sells for $28, but I know that their colours from past seasons are less expensive.
I've seen it on a variety of websites, but shipping to Canada was a bit much and they didn't
have the colours I liked. They have some lovely photos on their Facebook page as well :)

I've been quite busy with work lately, hopefully I'll get to make more posts next week!


  1. Aww..lovely!Is this made of glass or plastic?I haven't had any glass bottle.Mine were from Kleen Kanteen :)

  2. Is this particular bkr sleeve sheer and a bit see thru or is it solid and more opaque?

    1. The sleeve is a tiny but see-through, it's not completely opaque.


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