Monday, May 28, 2012

Current favourite cleanser+toner

Earlier this month, I attended the America's Next Top Model Live show in Toronto.
There was a booth next to where I was working selling products from Arbonne, a Swiss
based skincare company. I received some samples and the one thing that stood out the
most for me was their FC5 range Purifying Cleanser+Toner for oily/combo skin.

When I first used this cleanser, I noticed a difference immediately. It has been the only
cleanser so far that has removed some of my blackheads, quite effectively. Of course, I
still get blackheads after the next day etc. but it helped to clear my skin/pores better than
any other I have tried thus far in my life :p

I'm sorry for the slightly blurry photos, my camera won't focus properly for some reason...
I will have to figure it out =\ but I've been thinking of selling my current DSLR for the
Canon G12... I haven't officially decided yet (if it would be smart >>).

I decided to order the full size :) it ranges from $24-28 and is quite a decent size, which
should last for more than 4 months. You only need to use a small amount.

I had this very stubborn blackhead on my nose about a week ago. I was still using up
a sample. After 2 days of using the cleanser, the area where the blackhead was, cleared
up and I was very relieved :p You can check out their website HERE (their FC5 range).
They also have their main line of products, directed more towards anti-aging and a good
range of makeup, fragrances, body care :)

I've noticed that my skin has been very dehydrated, especially at night. This cleanser
doesn't really help with moisture, but I always use a night time moisturizer to keep my
skin hydrated. I wish the cleanser/toner was more hydrating after washing it off. It doesn't
really leave my skin feeling tight or anything, just not enough hydrated.

I don't find the need to use a separate toner after this, my skin looks pretty good :)

The formulas are developed in Switzerland, but are made in the United States.

The inner packaging of the box is lovely too :)


  1. never heard of this brand before, but too bad i don't like cleansers which dry my skin out ;/

    1. I haven't heard of this brand before as well, but I quite like
      their philosophy and the ingredients they are using :)

  2. hi peiji! i've been looking for something that will remove my blackheads and clear my pores -- this looks and sounds great! :)

    <3, Mimi
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    1. yah definitely check them out and see if you can get any samples! :)

  3. This brand sounds promising, thanks for sharing. I like the packaging too.:D

    - Marie
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    1. yah the packaging is lovely inside :p
      I like the general white too :)

  4. does the inside of the box go from a gradient of light blue to dark? can't tell if it's just the shadow! if it is, that is a great idea :)

  5. this product sounds amazing! Anything that banishes blackheads is good in my book... YAY and it's available in the UK too :P


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