Sunday, March 08, 2015

♡ Primal Pit Paste! ♡

Okay, so I've wanted to make a blog post/review of the Primal Pit Paste
deodorant since last year... literally. I even took photos of the product
last Autumn, but I never got around to it.

So enjoy my review! :)
I finally have the day off this week! :p
 I got the Light, Unscented version because I don't like fragrances in deodorant.
I've read other reviews regarding their Regular deodorant being a bit too strong,
as in itching and so forth, so I opted for the Light version, knowing how sensitive
my skin can get with skincare products. They also have other scents, such as
Lavender, Orange Creamsicle, Lemonade and more :)

I love this because:
☆ Fragrance free, no scent
☆ Leaves my pits smelling odour-free
☆ Keeps my pits dry for a good 3-5 hours
(it really depends on the weather and how much I am running around/stressing)
☆ In a jar, where I can get every last bit of the product
☆ It's a solid and melts when in contact with your skin
☆ It's in a glass jar, making it reusable/recyclable

I wish it:
☆ Controlled perspiration... I mean it helps a bit but definitely not for
someone who perspires a lot during the hot summer days

*This is a deodorant and not an antiperspirant so I can't really say much :\

Important Note!
☆ Make sure you exfoliant, wash your armpits at the end of the day.
The baking soda/acids may darken your pits over time if you don't take care of the area!!!
☆ Don't overdo it, it might leave a white cast if you put too much.
I recommend about 1-2 pea sized amounts for each side :)

Ingredients (Organic*)
Organic Shea Butter, Arrowroot Powder*, Coconut Oil*, Non-Aluminum Baking Soda
The jars are $8.95 each, which is quite affordable, but since I'm Canadian,
I had to pay a bit more for shipping which was about $10. I would still purchase it again.

You can get a trial sized jar for about $3.95 on their website.

and I redid my nails last night! Aren't they cute? :p
I can't believe I changed the shape of my nails, in order to do these heart tips ♡
I'm wearing Bio Seaweed Gel's Sweet Pea! It's like a light purple/blue/periwinkle :p
Hope you're all having a nice weekend :)


  1. OMG your nails are adorable and so perfect! I don't even use a deodorant any more because I don't smell even when I sweat *touch wood*. Deoderants are better anyway because antiperspirants block your glands and stop your body from expelling toxins which is bad for your health. Nice review and the product certainly looks unique! I haven't come across a tub deodorant before.

    1. Luck you! :p I don't usually wear deodorant, but I need it during the summer :)
      Thank you for visiting! :)


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