Friday, March 25, 2011

Beauty Must-Have

I need lip balm, all the time >< my lips are always so dry and chapped =[ I am also up to trying new lip balms, especially organic/natural brands. I am currently using the Labello/Nivea Hydro Care and the Burt's Bees Beeswax lip balm. They are both pretty good.

Labello (also known as Nivea)
It does what it says, keeps my lips moisturized for at least an hour when I'm inside. It doesn't last as long when I leave the house though because of the cold weather we have here in Canada... wth -.- it's spring and we have snow =[ but surprisingly it lasts up to 2 hours when I was on the plane back in January. I would apply it after every meal/drink they gave us on the plane... it really did save my lips lol

Burt's Bees
I tried this a few years ago and loved it, mainly for the minty feeling after applying. The peppermint is really apparent, which I love <3 it doesn't last that long though >< this would be perfect for spring/summer because of the cooling sensation it leaves on the lips. I use this at night before I go to sleep. Love it <3

and here is a peak at what I wore today, just cleaning my room and working on projects ><

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