Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Loose button #01

I just received my first Loose Button box this morning =] it's like a monthly subscription to deluxe beauty and skin care samples for only $10 =] similar to Birchbox from the states. Loose Button is based in Canada and was shipped yesterday and arrived early today ^^ how awesome is that.

The packaging is very cute and this month's box came with an Estee Lauder Pure Pops lipgloss in 'Caramel Apple Pie'. I just tried this on and it gives me a subtle berry colour, very lovely ^^ the box also came with an Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume mascara, Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Gentle Cleanser, and an Elizabeth Grant Lubricating Body Treatment ^^ They also put in a piece of Swiss Delice chocolate <3

It also came with a card listing all the items in the box ^^

and I redid my nails last night ^^ it's been getting more spring like this week and I wanted to do something light and fresh <3


  1. yay! i get my luxe box soon too!! ruined my own surprise LOL. oh well!


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