Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cherry Blossoms ❀

Picture heavy post! with a bunch of lovely cherry blossoms :)
I went to High Park with two of my friends and had a great time :p

goodbye winter :p we had enough of you >>

This swan literally stopped for photos. My friend, Mark called it the "attention whore" lol :p

My lovely friend, Khadija. I love this photo of her, very beautiful! :)

Not a big fan of butterflies... usually very afraid of them, especially when they fly near me ><

Hope you enjoyed the photos :)
Are there any cherry blossoms where you live?


  1. it's beautiful there!!! Awesome pictures.. a lot of the cherry blossoms have gone now in Tokyo :(

    1. Thanks :p aww, ours will be going away soon too I think.
      They came out earlier this year ><

  2. So pretty!! I took a stroll through High Park the other day and died at how beautiful the blossoms were! I regret not committing it to film, but looking at your pictures is just as wonderful. x

    1. yah they were really beautiful!
      There was a couple there shooting for their engagement/wedding photos :p

  3. so pretty :) And I miss my friedns from charlton :D


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