Wednesday, April 11, 2012

clean cut patterns

I am in love with Zara's April lookbook featuring the lovely Liu Wen <3
The clean cut lines and the lovely patterns all scream spring and summer to me :)
I'm hoping to recreate some of these looks, with the clothes I already own :)
I just need the weather to be much warmer! :(

I was looking through the Chloe Winter 2012/2013 runway photos and noticed
that they included a lot of monotone and gemstone colours. I think winter will
look great this year! We all need to incorporate more colours into our winter
wardrobes :p a pop of colour in your accessories won't hurt :)

I also noticed a lot of oversized, boxy, and baggy styles. I'm not a huge fan
of the boxy, oversized look, so I only took the photos of the outfits that I did
like from their official website. I'm not looking forward to fall/winter any time
soon, but I like to always be up to date in fashion :p

Anyway, I haven't done a fashion related blog post in a while, but I'm always
and constantly looking into it. Just wanted to share some of the styles I am
currently liking :) hopefully, I can do more outfit posts soon! :)


  1. Oohh pretty! I was just browsing the look book today and already have a list going of things I want haha xx

    1. I always have to refrain myself from wanting to
      buy everything from Zara lol but their size xs
      can be a bit big for me sometimes ><

  2. the clean cuts sure are nice i feel they would be great year-round though.
    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.

    1. thank you for the award!
      I will try to get back to it when I'm not lazy :p

  3. I really love the white dress in the upper right corner!

    1. me too :) I have yet to find the perfect white summer dress!


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