Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hollace Cluny / Furniture Design

I recently visited a lovely interior/furniture design shop downtown Toronto.
Hollace Cluny is located near Rosedale station for all you Torontonians :p
I had to go to a few furniture design shops throughout the city, discovering
and looking at new designs for research. Here are just some snapshots from
my visit to the store. The staff were extremely friendly and willing to help!

I've seen this light fixture in Dwell magazine.
I'm pretty sure this is by Lindsey Adelman. They had another piece by her
on the first floor, which was interesting as well, but I couldn't really get a
nice photo of it alone >< It's called the 'Clamp Lamp' if you're interested :p

I fell in love with this white marble console table, then I touched it...
and fell in love LOL :p I love the smooth texture and the marble design.

This lovely lighting piece was placed above the stairs to the second floor <3 p="p">It was a bit too high for me to see the designer/price >< :( should have asked!
Even the texture of the wall is lovely :p
Hope you guys enjoyed this random most :p


  1. i definitely enjoyed this post! the light fixtures are really cool! :D

    <3, Mimi
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