Monday, October 01, 2012

one year older

So, it was my birthday yesterday :D
I went shopping with one of my close friends and found some good deals :p
Tops (left to right):
- Old Navy
- H&M
- Suzy Shier
 They were all in the sale section :)

I also picked up a few pairs of earrings from Forever21... I just couldn't put
them down because they're too pretty >< especially the 2nd pair below <3>

I also picked up 2 mini candles from Bath & Body Works.
I bought the new Autumn and Autumn Day candle.
I like the Autumn Day candle more... I should have gotten a pumpkin
scented candle instead of the Autumn one. I still like it though, but I
guess I should have went with something a bit different in terms of scents :p

Base: Essie Grow Stronger base coat
Colour: Nubar 'Purple Rain Glitter'
Design: Konad Image Plate M63
Glitter: OPI 'Pirouette My Whistle'
Top: Konad top coat


  1. ohmygosh, i can't believe i missed your birthday! happy happy birthday, peiji!!! i hope you had a fantastic one and i wish you a wonderful year ahead! :D

    p.s. you got a nice haul here, i love everything you got! the earrings are all so pretty! :)

    <3, Mimi
    LensVillage Giveaway

    1. aw Thanks Mimi! :D <3
      I had a very nice birthday :)

  2. Love the nails! & hope you had a happy birthday:) x

    :: LUCYSLUXE ::

    1. Hi Lucy, thanks for dropping by and commenting :)
      and Thank you! :)

  3. happy belated birthday <3
    those earrings all look soooo pretty *_* especially the ones with the green rhinestones :) and your nails are just gorgeous!!! btw thanks for your comment on my glossybox post! i totally agree with you, hehe!!


  4. those nails are so cooool!



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