Thursday, January 31, 2013

Recent Forever21 Picks

I was browsing through the website for deals and found the jacket
I have been liking on sale for $20 (original $41). They also had
the shorts I had wanted back in the summer on sale in my size, so
I decided not to wait any longer, because anyone who shops on
Forever21, KNOW that there is an 85% that the item in your size
will be gone in 30 minutes or less lol :p

I got the jacket in an xsmall, but it's an inch or two too big.
I'm still keeping it though :p

Get the jacket here :)

The shorts I have been loving since last year :p
They might not look like much, but they look great on :)

Get the shorts here :)

I also bought some socks, because almost all my socks have holes in them ><
and a lovely periwinkle coloured cardigan <3>

Get the cardigan here & socks here :)

I wasn't too sure about this blouse, should I keep it?
I like how the placement of the lace is different... but it is a bit big on me,
even though it's a size xsmall, it fits like a medium. It's very billowy.
I'll try to do more outfit posts so you guys can see what the clothes look like.
Unfortunately, the weather does not permit me to wear such sheer clothing lol

Get the blouse here :)


  1. Oh I remember those shorts, we saw them one time but that pair was defective. So glad you found them and on sale too!!! I like to jacket too, but the lace top, its too cold for now.

    1. yah lol no way I would wear that blouse in this weather ><

  2. That jacket looks really sophisticated with that side zip and the two fabric sleeves, I absolutely love them!
    well lucky you managed to get the items on your size uh uh, that's a hard thing to achieve during the sale :D
    yes the lacy top might be to cold for it, maybe try to wear it to a warmer club or restaurant and with a heavy warm coat, but it's still gorgeous Peji.


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