Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Silk Naturals ☆ Blush Swatches

left-right: Pretty Plum, Wish You Were Here, Petal (swiped 2/3 times)

Yikes, loose powder blushes!
Honestly, I'm not sure why I decided to buy these... probably because I was
extremely attracted to the swatches on their website. Seriously... do these not
look beautiful to you? I have 5 more of their sample blushes and I don't think
I'm going to review/post about them unless you want to see swatches.

I really love these... if only they sold them in a pressed powder form ><
I know I can probably press it myself, but knowing how I am, I won't be
arsed to do it, because I'm just that lazy :p

Pretty Plum is really pretty!!! It's the perfect mauve-y blush shade I have
been searching for. It's softer in person and not too dark.

Wish You Were Here is a nice coral shade which is very pretty :)

Petal is a very light petal/blossom pink shade and shows up quite light
on my cheeks, but it gives me a light/fresh look.

Positive Notes
☆ very pigmented
☆ smooth texture
☆ lasts almost all day
☆ beautiful colour selection (some are dupes for MAC blushes)

Other Notes
☆ the darker colours are very pigmented so you have to use a light hand
☆ loose powder form = messy
☆ not very travel friendly

☆ $1.25 (sample)
☆ $6.50 (10gram jar)

Purchase them here if you're interested!

Here are some flash photos for you :)

and a surprise Nubar Favourites of 2012 video :p


  1. yea! i was thinking that a happy face or sad face might just make it easier to input data into the app. so that it's either i'm happy or not.

    the app basically lets you select from a small grey watercolour looking circle patch thing to a huge bursting red circle. i like how it uses colour to associate how you feel rather than something so obvious as a smiley face or sad face.

    i have 2 loose powder things and i havenot touched them in so long because they are SOOO messy. opening the cap in itself makes a huge mess.!!!

  2. the blushes look so nice!! i kinda like the climax one.. since they say its like the nars blush. too bad its loose powder.. do you think its still worth it knowing its a loose powder?

    1. If you don't mind that it's loose powder, then it's worth it.
      But the 10gram jars do have a sifter so it's not as messy
      because I got samples :p

  3. Petal looks so pretty! I think I need to buy more Silk Naturals stuff to experiment more with makeup. I'm addicted to them because they are very affordable and yet, highly pigmented. I think the only real disappointment I've had so far is the Film Noir cream liner since it's not 'dark' enough.


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