Thursday, March 14, 2013

Koji No.71 Eyelash Curler

An eyelash curler, fit for my eye shape!
Introducing the lovely Koji No.71 eyelash curler :)

I also really enjoy the cushion in the eyelash curler.
The design is quite nice and smart!
With the regular round cushioned eyelash curlers, they tend to not do anything
to my lashes unless I crimped and pressed really hard. With this cushion, it helps
the lashes to sit in place and curl without having to press hard.

Here is a comparison with the Quo Gold Eyelash Curler.
The Quo eyelash curler has more of a flat, wide curve, which does not suit my eyes.
While the Koji eyelash curler, has more of a curve that sits nicely on my lash line.
The Koji eyelash curler would curl all my lashes around, while the Quo eyelash curler
would miss the end of my lash line, leaving a few lashes uncurled.

Hope this helped people with more of a curved eye shape/almond eye shape.

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