Thursday, March 21, 2013

Principessa Dry Shampoo for Darker Shades

I was very curious to see how this dry shampoo would work for darker hair.
Let's just say... I had a bad first experience ><

So, the holes you see below, cannot be rotated to get smaller holes or even a small section.
I usually just pour a little bit onto my hair, near the roots. For this dry shampoo, you can
actually feel a cooling sensation once it touches your scalp. So clearly, I either put too much
or it isn't supposed to go directly to your scalp, but my hair became quite powdery ><

It also left a slightly light brown cast on the top of my head. As I was in a hurry to go to class,
I checked in the mirror once again - still powdery/chalky looking. I decided to spray on some
grape water onto the top of my head and comb it out. It looked fine, until about 10 minutes later,
I checked my hair again before I left the house, and it left my hair looking even worse. I had
white specks of powder on the surface of my hair and I was freaking out. I seriously did not want
to leave the house looking like the way I did lol >< It even left a brown stain on my scalp ><

BUT this dry shampoo does indeed absorb oil - very well actually and has a nice light scent.
I would just avoid pouring anything from the container itself. Pour some onto your hands,
then work it into the roots of your hair.

Positive Notes
☆ Absorbs oil, keeps your hair looking grease-free all day
☆ Light scent, if lightly used
☆ Darker shade to suit darker hair

Negative Notes
☆ Can leave a light brown cast, if there is too much powder
☆ Leaves a brown stain on the scalp, if being poured directly from the container
☆ The scent might not smell as nice, if you pour too much
☆ Difficult to find (I bought mine at

Would I buy it again?
Honestly, no... because the tint leaves a stain and you have to be careful.
I'd rather use a white powder that absorbs quickly without leaving any stain.
It works very well, but I like to be low maintenance lol :p
I am personally liking the dry shampoo from Acure Organics.


  1. That sounds like a very bad first experience! Next time you know with new dry shampoos to test it out on a day you're not going out. That's what I do :P

    1. lol yah, I should have done that ><

  2. lovely outfit :)
    Much love,


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