Thursday, May 23, 2013

L'Occitane Angelica Instant Hydration Mask

I don't think I did a review for this yet?
I've been using this more during the winter/entering into spring/summer time.
I did use this a few days back, because it was getting cooler. I will probably
be taking this out again this week, as the weather is starting to cool down this week.

I really like this stuff. The strong floral scent may bother others though.
I got used to it, using it the first night before bed. It gives off a nice spa-like
scent before bed time and feels quite nice on the skin.

It says to remove it with toner or warm water after 3 minutes.
I did that the first time and my face felt very hydrated and it also helped to brighten.
Now, I just leave it on until the next morning :) works just as well especially when
it's cold and dry, where you live :)

☆ lightweight, clear, gel texture
☆ hydrates the skin, brightens the skin
☆ leaves a subtle floral scent after a few minutes
☆ 75ml (I think it's a pretty good price for the amount)
☆ convenient/hygienic tube packaging, great for travel as well

☆ a bit pricey for some people
☆ strong floral scent and lingers, but becomes more subtle

When do I use it?
I use this about 5-10 minutes after my skincare routine :)
Then I wear it to bed as well. I only use this when the weather
is cooler... so around 10 degrees celcius and lower. It doesn't
really work that great for me when the weather is warm and hot ><

☆ $32-36 (They tend to have deals on Facebook!)

Here are the ingredients :)

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